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Mikatech FAQ

How to get started?

A. Please send an inquiry by email, call or fax with description of protected device you have.

B. Our staff will response quickest with quotation and delivery time and conditions for service.

C. Ship us the protected device, along with at least two or more not-programmed samples.

D. After extracting the code, we will send you back two programmed devices for you to test, after making sure we had done our job with success, you will need to make final payment to receive the source code.

Can Mikatech break ics not listed on this site?

The chips on the market got a wide variaty of different names, however, the technology to make the chip can be same in many occasions, it would be quite impossible to list all the part numbers where our technology can apply such as MYSON, STK, FEELING, ANALOG, FUJITSU, NOVATEK, LG/HYNDAI.
Also by the advancing of the technology, everyday we gain more and more experience and develope new methods for code extraction of different Intergated Circuit parts. Full list of Integrated Circuit part numbers which is within our scope of capability is always updated, please contact us to find out.

Will my privacy be protected?

Mikatech Innovative Limited understands the importance of its clients' privacy. At the moment you contact Mikatech, the personal information from you will be put under protection by our management regulations which was developed by our years of practice, Mikatech uses these information to customize its service to you, it will not disclose these information to third party out of any reason.

Is it legal to get service from Mikatech?

Mikatech deliver its services for educational purposes only, it can be illegal to use above mentioned services in some coutries or regions, please check your local laws.
Mikatech does not take any responsibility in relation to the use of above mentioned services that may be considered illegal.

I sent you an email, why there is no answer?

A. Our mail server is temperally broke down, so your message has not been delivered to our mailbox even the mail sent successfully meggage is displayed, please contact us again.

B. Our email account is recognised as junk mail account by your mail server, so our reply has been rejected by your mail server or it is diverted to your junk mailbox, please remove our account from junkmail list or check your junk mailbox, or use another email account to contact.

C. Your email account is recognised as junk mail account by our mail server, please use another email account to contact.

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About Us

Note: Our service is only to help engineers to study the up-to-date technologies on educational purposes and help you develope better security solutions.

Equipped with best Facilities and engineers, Mikatech Innovative Limited has
more than twelve years in the code recovery industry, and by years of hard researching, we have studied and stored the security mechanism data of a wide range of chip types which are comonly used by the engineers arround the world, which enable us to to retrieve the program inside the chip with perfection and speed.

As a leading specialist in the reverse engineering industry, we can help you to get access to the uptodate technology in your trade, help you to keep the pace of your competitor or even getting ahead with minimium cost.

We had developed a series of easy procedures to hlep you get access to our service with minimium risk or even, as in most of the cases, no risk. to make our service to be a important resource on your business, please contact us you will see how easy it is.