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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is an American company that produces and designs embedded hardware, with 17 billion semiconductor chips in use around the world. The company focuses on the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets with its product portfolio including microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors, digital signal controllers, sensors, RF power ICs and power management ICs. In addition, the company offers software and development tools to support product development. The company also holds an extensive patent portfolio, including approximately 6,100 patent families. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations in more than 20 countries. Freescale is currently ranked 7th among the semiconductor sales leaders in the United States and is ranked 16th worldwide.

  • Mikatech Freescale/Motorola MCU reverse engineer list:
  • HC908 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: HC908AB32 HC908AP8 HC908AP16 HC908AP32 HC908AP64 HC908AZ60 HC908JK1 HC908JK3 HC908JK8 HC908JK32 HC908JW16 HC908JW32 HC908LK24 HC908MR8 HC908GR8 HC908QT1 HC908QT2 HC908QT4 HC908QY1 HC908QY2 HC908QY4 HC908RF2 HC908RK2 ...

    MC908 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC908AB32 MC908AP8 MC908AP16 MC908AP32 MC908AP48 MC908AP64 MC908AS32 MC908AS60 MC908AZ32 MC908AZ60 MC908BD48 MC908EY8 MC908EY16 MC908GR16 MC908GR32 MC908GR48 MC908GR60 MC908GZ16 MC908GZ32 MC908GZ48 MC908GZ60 MC908GP8 MC908GP16 MC908GP32 MC908GR4 MC908GR8 MC908GR16 MC908GR32 MC908GR48 MC908GR60 MC908GT8 MC908GT16 MC908GZ8 MC908GZ16 MC908GZ32 MC908GZ48 MC908JL3 MC908JL8 MC908JL16 MC908JB8 MC908JB12 MC908JB16 MC908JK1 MC908JK3 MC908JL3 MC908JL8 MC908JL16 MC908JW16 MC908KX2 MC908KX8 MC908KK3 MC908KL3 MC908LB8 MC908LD64 MC908LJ12 MC908LJ24 MC908LK24 MC908LB8 MC908LJ8 MC908LJ12 MC908LJ24 MC908LK24 MC908LV8 MC908MR8 MC908MR16 MC908MR32 MC908QB4 MC908QB8 MC908QC4 MC908QC8 MC908QC16 MC908QF4 MC908QL2 MC908QL3 MC908QL4 MC908QL8 MC908QL16 MC908QT1 MC908QT2 MC908QT4 MC908QY1 MC908QY2 MC908QY4 MC908QY8 MC908RF2 MC908SR12 ...

    MC68HC05 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC05B6 MC68HC05B8 MC68HC05B16 MC68HC05B32 MC68HC05BD3 MC68HC05BD5 MC68HC05BD7 MC68HC05BD24 MC68HC05BD32 MC68HC05C0 MC68HC05C2 MC68HC05C4 MC68HC05C8 MC68HC05C9 MC68HC05C12 MC68HC05CC MC68HC05CJ4 MC68HC05CL1 MC68HC05CL4 MC68HC05D9 MC68HC05D32 MC68HC05E0 MC68HC05E5 MC68HC05E6 MC68HC05F4 MC68HC05F8 MC68HC05F12 MC68HC05F24 MC68HC05G3 MC68HC05G6 MC68HC05H12FN MC68HC05J1 MC68HC05J3 MC68HC05J5 MC68HC05JB3 MC68HC05JB4 MC68HC05JJ6 MC68HC05JP6 MC68HC05L0 MC68HC05L1 MC68HC05L5 MC68HC05L9 MC68HC05L13 MC68HC05L14 MC68HC05L16 MC68HC05L21 MC68HC05L24 MC68HC05L25 MC68HC05L27 MC68HC05L28 MC68HC05LJ5P MC68HC05LM1FT MC68HC05LM2FT MC68HC05P1 MC68HC05P3 MC68HC05P4 MC68HC05P6 MC68HC05P8 MC68HC05P9 MC68HC05P18 MC68HC05PD6 MC68HC05PGPV MC68HC05PV8 MC68HC05SR3 MC68HC05K0 MC68HC05K1 MC68HC05K3 MC68HC05RC4 MC68HC05R9 MC68HC05R18 MC68HC05SU3 MC68HC05T1 MC68HC05TBFN MC68HC05V12FN MC68HC05X16FU MC68HC05X32FU ...

    MC68HC705 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC705B16 MC68HC705C4 MC68HC705C8 MC68HC705C9 MC68HC705CCVFB MC68HC705CJ4 MC68HC705CL4 MC68HC705CT4 MC68HC705J1 MC68HC705J2 MC68HC705J5 MC68HC705JB2 MC68HC705JB4 MC68HC705JJ7 MC68HC705JP7 MC68HC705K1 MC68HC705KJ1CDW MC68HC705L5 MC68HC705L13 MC68HC705L16 MC68HC705L26 MC68HC705L32 MC68HC705MC4 MC68HC705P6 MC68HC705P9 MC68HC705PL4 MC68HC705SR3 MC68HC705SB7 MC68HC705SJ7 MC68HC705SP7 MC68HC705SR3 MC68HC705T10 MC68HC705T16 68HC705X32 MC68HC705Y4CFU MC68HC705E1 MC68HC705E5 MC68HC705E6 MC68HC705G1 MC68HC705G4 MC68HC705G6 ...

    MC68HC11 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC11A0 MC68HC11A1 MC68HC11A8 MC68HC11C0 MC68HC11L0 MC68HC11L1 MC68HC11L2 MC68HC11M2 MC68HC11D0 MC68HC11D3 MC68HC11E0 MC68HC11E1 MC68HC11E8 MC68HC11E9 MC68HC11E18 MC68HC11E20 MC68HC11EA9 MC68HC11ED0 MC68HC11EVBU2 MC68HC11F1 MC68HC11FC0 MC68HC11FL0 MC68HC11G5FN1 MC68HC11GA2VFUW MC68HC11K0 MC68HC11K1 MC68HC11K4 MC68HC11KA0 MC68HC11KA1 MC68HC11KA2 MC68HC11KA4 MC68HC11KG4 MC68HC11KS0 MC68HC11KS1 MC68HC11KS2 MC68HC11KS4 MC68HC11P1 MC68HC11PB8 MC68HC11PH8 MC68HC11PL2 MC68HC11PS6FG MC68HC11SA2CFGE ...

    MC68HC711 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC711D3 MC68HC711E9 MC68HC711E20 MCMC68HC711M2 MCMC68HC711MA8 MC68HC711K4 MC68HC711KA2 MC68HC711KS2 MC68HC711KS8 MCMC68HC711L6 MCMC68HC711P2 MCMC68HC711SA2FG MCMC68HC711FA2 ...

    MC68HC08 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC08AB16A MC68HC08AB32 MC68HC08AS32 68HC08AS32A MC68HC08AZ16 MC68HC08AZ24 MC68HC08AZ32 MC68HC08AZ48 MC68HC08AZ60 MC68HC08BD24 MC68HC08GP8 MC68HC08GP16 MC68HC08GP32 MC68HC08JB1 MC68HC08JB8 MC68HC08JB16 MC68HC08JT8 MC68HC08JK3 MC68HC08JK8 MC68HC08JL3 MC68HC08JL8 MC68HC08JL12 MC68HC08KH12 MC68HC08KX8 MC68HC08LD MC68HC08LT8 MC68HC08LK ...

    MC68HC908 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC908AP64 MC68HC908AP32 MC68HC908AP16 MC68HC908AP8 MC68HC908AS32A MC68HC908AZ60A MC68HC908AS60A MC68HC908AZ60E MC68HC908AS60 MC68HC908BD48 MC68HC908EY16A MC68HC908EY8A MC68HC908GR4 MC68HC908GR8 MC68HC908GR16 MC68HC908GT8 MC68HC908GT16 MC68HC908GZ8 MC68HC908GZ16 MC68HC908GZ48 MC68HC908GZ60 MC68HC908JB8 MC68HC908JB16 MC68HC908JG16 MC68HC908JK1 MC68HC908JK3 MC68HC908JK8 MC68HC908JL3 MC68HC908JL8 MC68HC908KK3 MC68HC908KL3 MC68HC908KL8 MC68HC908KX2 MC68HC908KX8 MC68HC908LD60 MC68HC908LD64 MC68HC908LJ8 MC68HC908LJ12 MC68HC908LK24 MC68HC908LV8 MC68HC908MR8 MC68HC908MR16 MC68HC908MR32 MC68HC08QA12 MC68HC08QP32 MC68HC08QT4 MC68HC08QY4 MC68HC908QY2 MC68HC908QY4 MC68HC908SR12 MC68HC08SR12 MC68HC908SR12 ...

    MC9S08 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC9S08AC8 MC9S08AC16 MC9S08AC32 MC9S08AC48 MC9S08AC60 MC9S08AC96 MC9S08AC128 MC9S08AW16 MC9S08AW32 MC9S08AW48 MC9S08AW60 MC9S08DN16 MC9S08DN32 MC9S08DN48 MC9S08DN60 MC9S08DV16 MC9S08DV32 MC9S08DV48 MC9S08DV60 MC9S08DV96 MC9S08DV128 MC9S08DZ16 MC9S08DZ32 MC9S08DZ48 MC9S08DZ60 MC9S08DZ96 MC9S08DZ128 MC9S08EL16 MC9S08EL32 MC9S08FL8 MC9S08FL16 MC9S08GB16 MC9S08GB32 MC9S08GB60 MC9S08GT8 MC9S08GT16 MC9S08GT32 MC9S08GT60 MC9S08JE128 MC9S08JE64 MC9S08JM8 MC9S08JM16 MC9S08JM32 MC9S08JM60 MC9S08JS8 MC9S08JS16 MC9S08LG16 MC9S08LG32 MC9S08LL8 MC9S08LL16 MC9S08LL36 MC9S08LL64 MC9S08LC36 MC9S08LC60 MC9S08LH36 MC9S08LH64 MC9S08MP12 MC9S08MP16 MC9S08MM32 MC9S08MM64 MC9S08MM128 MC9S08MT8 MC9S08MT16 MC9S08QA2 MC9S08QA4 MC9S08QB4 MC9S08QB8 MC9S08QD2 MC9S08QD4 MC9S08QE4 MC9S08QE8 MC9S08QE16 MC9S08QE32 MC9S08QE64 MC9S08QE96 MC9S08QE128 MC9S08QG4 MC9S08QG8 MC9S08QG44 MC9S08QG84 MC9S08RC8 MC9S08RC16 MC9S08RC32 MC9S08RC60 MC9S08RD8 MC9S08RD16 MC9S08RD32 MC9S08RD60 MC9S08RE8 MC9S08RE16 MC9S08RE32 MC9S08RE60 MC9S08RG32 MC9S08RG60 MC9S08RX32 MC9S08SE4 MC9S08SE8 MC9S08SF4 MC9S08SH4 MC9S08SH8 MC9S08SH16 MC9S08SH32 MC9S08SL8 MC9S08SL16 MC9S08SV8 MC9S08SV16 ...

    MC9RS08 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC9RS08KA1 MC9RS08KA2 MC9RS08KA4 MC9RS08KA8 MC9RS08KB2 MC9RS08KB4 MC9RS08KB8 MC9RS08KB12 MC9RS08LA8 MC9RS08LE4 MC9RS08SA4 MC9RS08SA12 ...

    68HC16 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: 68HC16R1 68HC16Y1 68HC16Y3 68HC16Z1 68HC16Z3 ...

    MC68HC912 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC912B32CFU8 MC68HC912B32MFU8 MC68HC912D60CPV8 ...

    MC9S12 MC9S12X Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC9S12A32 MC9S12A64 MC9S12A128 MC9S12A256 MC9S12A512 MC9S12B32 MC9S12B64 MC9S12B96 MC9S12B128 MC9S12B256 MC9S12C32 MC9S12C64 MC9S12C96 MC9S12C128 MC9S12D32 MC9S12D64 MC9S12D96 MC9S12DB64 MC9S12DB128 MC9S12DG128 MC9S12DG256 MC9S12DJ64 MC9S12DJ128 MC9S12DJ256 MC9S12DP512 MC9S12DT128 MC9S12DT256 MC9S12DT512 MC9S12DE32 MC9S12DE64 MC9S12DE128 MC9S12GC16 MC9S12GC32 MC9S12GC64 MC9S12GC96 MC9S12GC128 MC9S12H128 MC9S12H256 MC9S12HZ256 MC9S12HZ128 MC9S12HZ64 MC9S12KG128 MC9S12KG256 MC9S12KT256 MC9S12KC128 MC9S12KT256 MC9S12NE64 MC9S12P32 MC9S12P64 MC9S12P96 MC9S12P128 MC9S12Q64 MC9S12Q96 MC9S12Q128 MC9S12UF32 MC9S12XA256 MC9S12XA512 MC9S12XB128 MC9S12XD64 MC9S12XD128 MC9S12XD256 MC9S12XD256 MC9S12XD384 MC9S12XDG128 MC9S12XDG256 MC9S12XDP512 MC9S12XDT256 MC9S12XDT512 MC9S12XEG128 MC9S12XEP100 MC9S12XEP768 MC9S12XEQ384 MC9S12XEQ512 MC9S12XET256 MC9S12XF512 MC9S12XHZ256 MC9S12XHZ512 MC9S12XS64 MC9S12XS128 MC9S12XS25 ...

    56800/E DSP Series MCU Reverse Engineer: :DSP56F801X DSP56F802X DSP56F803X DSP56852 DSP56853 DSP56854 DSP56855 DSP56857 DSP56858 DSP56F801 DSP56F801FA60 DSP56F802 DSP56F802TA60 DSP56F803 DSP56F805 DSP56F807 DSP56F826 DSP56F827 DSP56F812X DSP56F8135 DSP56F814X DSP56F815X DSP56F816X DSP56F824X DSP56F825X DSP56F832X DSP56F8335 DSP56F834X DSP56F835X DSP56F836X ...

    MC56F80xx Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC56F801X MC56F802X MC56F803X MC56F800X MC56F8023M MC56F8023V MC56F8025M MC56F8025V MC56F8027M MC56F8027V MC56F8033M MC56F8033V MC56F8035M MC56F8035V MC56F8036M MC56F8036V MC56F8037M MC56F8037V ...


    MC912 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC912DG128 MC912DT128 MC912D60 MC912B32 ...

    MC68HC811E2 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HC812A4CPV8 ...

    MC68HRC908 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HRC908JK1 MC68HRC908JK3 MC68HRC908JL3 ...

    MC68HSC705 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: MC68HSC705C4 MC68HSC705C8 MC68HSC705J1 MC68S711E9 ...

    PC68HC908XX Series MCU Reverse Engineer: PC68HC908GP32 ...

    PC9S12 Series MCU Reverse Engineer: PC9S12UF32 PC9S12XF128 PC9S12XF256 PC9S12XF384 PC9S12XF512 PC9S12XHZ256 PC9S12XHZ384 PC9S12XHZ512 ...

    S9S08 Series MCU Reverse Engineer:
    S9S08AW16 S9S08AW32 S9S08AW48 S9S08AW60 S9S08DN16 S9S08DN32 S9S08DN48 S9S08DN60 S9S08DV128 S9S08DV16 S9S08DV32 S9S08DV48 S9S08D60 S9S08DV96 S9S08DZ128 S9S08DZ16 S9S08DZ32 S9S08DZ48 S9S08DZ60 S9S08DZ96 S9S08EL16 S9S08EL32 S9S08LG16 S9S08LG32 S9S08MP16 S9S08QD2 S9S08QD4 S9S08SG16 S9S08SG4 S9S08SG8 S9S08SG32 S9S08SL16 S9S08SL8 ...


Company history


Freescale was one of the first semiconductor companies in the world, having started as a division of Motorola in Phoenix, Arizona in 1948[3] and then created under the divestiture of the Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola in 2004. In 1955, a Motorola transistor for car radios was the world’s first commercial high-power transistor. It was also Motorola’s first mass-produced semiconductor.
In the 1960s, one of the U. S. space program's goals was to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. In 1968, the NASA began manned Apollo flights that led to the first lunar landing in July 1969. Apollo 11 was particularly significant for hundreds of employees involved in designing, testing and producing its electronics. A division of Motorola, which became Freescale Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based tracking get hex code source code recovery extract encryption source code retreive and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications units. An "up-data link" in the Apollo's command module received signals from Earth to relay to other on-board systems. A transponder received and transmitted voice and television signals and scientific data.

Also that year, Motorola’s technologies were used to introduce the first two-way mobile radio with a fully transistorized power supply and receiver for cars.

Motorola has continued its growth in the networking and communications sector in later years, providing the tools behind the radio transponder that delivered the security open a locked Microcontroller mcu lockbit lock duplicate controller obtain source code first words from the moon in 1969, and going on to develop the first prototype of the first analog mobile phone in 1973.

The company’s first microprocessor (MC6800 8-bit) was introduced in 1974, and was used in automotive, computing and video game applications.

Motorola’s next generation 32-bit microprocessor, the MC68000, led the wave of technologies that spurred the computing revolution in 1984, powering devices from companies such as Apple, Commodore, Atari, Sun, and Hewlett Packard.[8]
In the 1990s, Motorola’s technology was the driving force behind intelligent power switches for anti-lock brake systems, one of the first microelectromechanical code read Microprocessor extract code read Memory copy eeproms get bin code systems (MEMS)FIB Circuit Modification inertial sensor for automotive airbags, and Motorola’s MPC5200 microprocessor deployed telematic systems for General Motors’ OnStar systems.[9]

Since then, Freescale has continued to provide the technology behind consumer, medical, networking and automotive products from microprocessors for the world’s first tubing-free wireless insulin pump,[10] to and automotive microcontrollers for read program get firmware read out memory Read Data from EEprom extract software efficient engine design. Freescale’s motion-sensing accelerometer powers the interactivity of the Guitar Hero video games.[11] The number one provider of eReader applications processors worldwide is Freescale.[12]

In 2011, the company launched the industry’s first multimode wireless base station processor family that scales from small to large cells – integrating DSP and communications processor technologies to realize a true "base station-on-chip".decrypting memory dump recover code from encrypted hacking hex file readback protected read eeprom data In addition, a recent ABI Research market study report states that Freescale owns 60% share of the Radio Frequency (RF) semiconductor device market electronic maker club.
Also in 2011, Freescale announced the company's first magnetometer for location tracking in smart mobile devices. With the partnership of McLaren Electronic Systems, they helped the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series vehicles convert from carburetors to fuel injection starting in 2012.

Zune Bug

Clock driver software written by Freescale was responsible for the 2008 Zune leap year bug.


On 26 February 2013, Freescale Semiconductor announced the creation of the world’s smallest (by size) ARM-powered chip. The Kinetis KL02 measures 1.9 by 2 millimeters and is a full microcontroller unit (MCU), meaning the chip sports a processor, RAM, ROM, clock and I/O control unit. The chip competes with the Atmel M0+ offerings, which are the low-power leaders in the industry break protect code copy an encrypted IC recovery read data break password retrieving hex source code One snaileye application that Freescale says the chips could be used for is swallowable computers. Freescale already works with a variety of health and wellness customers. Both the Fitbit and OmniPod insulin pump use Freescale chips. The new chip was on display at 'Embedded World' in Nuremberg, Germany from February 26, 2013 to February 28, 2013.


Motorola announced that their semiconductor division would be divested on October 6, 2003 to create Freescale. Freescale completed its IPO on July 16, 2004.

On September 15, 2006, Freescale agreed to a $17.6 billion buyout by a consortium led by Blackstone Group and its co-investors, Carlyle Group, TPG Capital, and Permira.[22] The buyout offer was accepted on November 13, 2006 following a vote by company shareholders.chip data retrieving The purchase, which source code blocked lockbits activated read security bytes disassemble file recovering protected code unprotect closed on December 1, 2006, was the largest private buyout of a technology company until the Dell buyout of 2013 and is one of the ten largest buyouts of all time.

Freescale filed to go public on February 11, 2011 and completed its IPO on May 26, 2011. Freescale is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker remove the protection fuses read-out of an EEPROM processor dump flash and eeprom decapsulation and code recovery symbol FSL. At the time of the IPO, the company had $7.6 billion in outstanding debt on its books,[24] and the company is being investigated for misconduct related to this IPO.


Early microprocessors
Motorola MC10800 (4-bit) bit-sliced
Motorola MC14500B Industrial Control Unit (ICU) (1-bit)
Motorola 6800 (8-bit)
Motorola 6802/6808 (8-bit)
Motorola 6809 (8/16-bit)
68000 series
Motorola 68000 (16/32-bit)
Motorola 68008 (8/16/32-bit)
Motorola 68010 (16/32-bit)
Motorola 68012 (16/32-bit)
Motorola 68020 (32-bit)
Motorola 68030 (32-bit)
Motorola 68851 (MMU)
Motorola 68881 (FPU)
Motorola 68882 (FPU)
Motorola 68040 (w/FPU)
Motorola 68060 (w/FPU)
88000 series (RISC)
Motorola 88100/88110
PowerPC series
Main article: PowerPC
32/64-bit architecture, in cooperation with IBM.
PPC 601 ("G1")
PPC 603/PPC 603ev ("G2")
PPC 604/PPC 604e/PPC 604ev
PPC 620
PowerPC 7xx family, PowerPC 740, 750, 745, and 755 only ("PowerPC G3")


6800 series
Main article: Motorola 6800
Motorola 6801/6803
Motorola 6804
Motorola 6805/146805
Motorola 68HC05 (CPU05) - old
Freescale 68HC11 (CPU11) - old
Freescale 68HC08 (CPU08) 0.65 µm, 0.5 µm and 0.25 µm technologies
Freescale S08 (CPUS08) 0.25 µm
Freescale RS08 (CPURS08) 0.25 µm - based on the RS08 core, an S08 with restricted CPU. less instructions set for lower cost.
Freescale 68HC16 (CPU16) - old
Freescale 68HC12 (CPU12) - old
Freescale S12 (CPU12) - still being developed
Freescale S12X (CPU12X-1) - S12XD, S12XA... family of devices with XGATE Coprocessor. Like a DMA or I/O coprocessor.
Freescale S12XE (CPU12X-2) - S12XE family of devices with XGATE Coprocessor, Emulated EEPROM = EEEPROM. 0.18 µm technology.
68000 series
Main article: Motorola 68000 family
Freescale 683XX
Freescale DragonBall
Freescale ColdFire
Freescale ColdFire+
Main article: M·CORE
The M·CORE-based RISC microcontrollers are 32 bit processors specifically designed for low-power electronics. [1] M·CORE processors, like 68000 family processors, have a user mode and a supervisor mode, and in user mode both see a 32 bit PC and 16 registers, each 32 bits. The M·CORE instruction set is very different from the 68K instruction set—in particular, M·CORE is a pure copy contents of crypto memory read EEprom and ROM flash memory get read read protected HEX data code fuses load-store machine and all M·CORE instructions are 16 bit, while 68K instructions are a variety of lengths. However, 68K assembly language source code can be mechanically translated to M·CORE assembly language. [2]
The M·CORE processor core has been licensed by Atmel for smart cards. [3]
Freescale MPC5xx
Freescale MPC512x (e300 core)
Freescale MPC52xx (e300 core)
Freescale MPC55xx (e200 core)
Freescale MPC56xx (e200 core)
Freescale MPC8xx (PowerQUICC)
Freescale MPC82xx (PowerQUICC II, G2 core)
Freescale MPC83xx (PowerQUICC II Pro, e300 core)
Freescale MPC85xx (PowerQUICC III, e500 core)
Freescale MPC86xx (e600 core)
Freescale MPC87xx (future e700 core)
Freescale Pxxxx (QorIQ, e500 core(s))
Main article: ARM architecture
Cortex-M4 microcontrollers
Kinetis L
ARM7TDMI-based automotive microcontrollers
i.MX (DragonBall MX)
Main article: i.MX
ARM-based multimedia applications processors.
ARM920 based:
i.MX1 (MC9328MX1)
i.MXL (MC9328MXL)
i.MXS (MC9328MXS)
ARM926 based:
i.MX21 (MC9328MX21)
i.MX23 (MCIMX23)
i.MX25 (MCIMX25)
i.MX27 (MCIMX27)
i.MX28 (MCIMX28)
ARM11 based:
i.MX31 (MCIMX31)
i.MX35 (MCIMX355)
i.MX37 (MCIMX37)
Cortex-A8 based:
i.MX51 family (e.g. MCIMX515)
i.MX50 family (i.MX508)
i.MX53 family (e.g. MCIMX535)
Cortex-A9 based:
i.MX6 solo
i.MX6 dual
i.MX6 quad
TPU and ETPU modules
The Time Processing Unit (TPU) and Enhanced Time Processing Unit (eTPU) are largely autonomous timing peripherals found on some Freescale parts.
MC68832 (TPU)
MPC5554 (PowerPC) (eTPU)
MCF5232, MCF5233, MCF5234, MCF5235 (ColdFire) (eTPU)

Digital signal processors

Note: the 56XXX series is commonly known as the 56000 series, or 56K, and similarly the 96XXX is known as the 96000 series, or 96K.
56000 series
Motorola DSP560XX (24-bit)
Motorola DSP563XX (16/24-bit)
Motorola DSP566XX (16-bit)
Motorola DSP567XX (Digital Signal Controller)
Motorola DSP568XX (Digital Signal Controller)
96000 series
Motorola DSP96XXX (32-bit)

StarCore series
Note: "There is no native support for floating point operations on StarCore"[4]
MSC8101/3 Single SC140 core, 300 MHz (End of life)
MSC8102 Quad SC140 core, 275 MHz (Discontinued)
MSC8122/26 Quad SC140 core, 500 MHz
MSC711x Single SC1400 core, 200/300 MHz (Partly discontinued)
MSC8144/E Quad SC3400 core, 1 GHz
MSC8156/E Six-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
MSC8154/E Quad-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
MSC8152 Dual-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
MSC8151 Single-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
MSC8256 Six-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
MSC8254 Quad-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
MSC8252 Dual-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
MSC8251 Single-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz

MEMS Sensors

MMA Series (Multi-G/ Multi-Axis Accelerometers)
MPX Series Pressure
MPR Series Proximity
Reconfigurable compute fabric device


CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment
MQX Real Time Operating System
FreeMaster 集成电路失效分析 FIB SEM




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More MCU brands we can reverse engineer below, please contact us if yours not listed here:
AMD Feeling LG / Hyundai Myson STK
ChipON Hynix Mitsubishi National Semi Temic
Coreriver ICSI Mosel Vitelic Portek Toshiba
Dallas ISSI MXIC SSSC Gal / Pal / Palce
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