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Infineon Microcontroller Code Recovery

Infineon Technologies AG is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded on 1 April 1999, when the semiconductor operations of the parent company Siemens AG were spun off to form a separate legal entity. As of 30 September 2010, Infineon has 25,149 employees worldwide. In fiscal year 2010, the company achieved sales of €3.295 billion.

On 1 May 2006, Infineon's Memory Products division was carved out as a distinct company called Qimonda AG, which at its height employed about 13,500 people worldwide. Qimonda was listed on the New York Stock Exchange until 2009.

  • Mikatech Infineon MCU reverse engineer list:
  • SABxx series mcu code receovery: SAB-C501G-1E SAB-C504-2EM SAB-C505A-4EM SAB-C505L-4EM SAB-C508-4EM SAB-C508-4EP SAB-C540U-1EN SAB-C540U-1EP SAB-C541U-1EN SAB-XC161CS-32F20F SAB-XC161CS-32F40F SAB-XC167CI-16F20F SAB-XC167CI-32F20F SAB-XC167CI-32F40F ...

    SAKxx series mcu code retreive: SAK-C164CI-8EM SAK-C504-2EM SAK-C505A-4EM SAK-C505CA-4EM SAK-C505L-4EM SAK-C515C-8EM SAK-XC161CJ-16F20F SAK-XC161CJ-16F40F SAK-XC164CM-16F20F SAK-XC164CM-16F40F SAK-XC164CM-4F20F SAK-XC164CM-4F40F SAK-XC164CM-8F20F SAK-XC164CM-8F40F SAK-XC164CS-16F20F SAK-XC164CS-16F40F SAK-XC164CS-32F20F SAK-XC164CS-32F40F SAK-XC164CS-8F20F SAK-XC164CS-8F40F SAK-XC167CI-16F20F SAK-XC167CI-16F40F SAK-XC2210U-4FXRTSSOP38 SAK-XC2210U-8FXRTSSOP38 SAK-XC2220L-12FXV SAK-XC2220L-20FXV SAK-XC2220U-4FXV SAK-XC2220U-8FXV SAK-XC2224L-12FXV SAK-XC2224L-20FXV SAK-XC2230L-12F66L SAK-XC2230L-20F66L SAK-XC2234L-12F66L SAK-XC2234L-20F66L SAK-XC2261N-16F40L SAK-XC2261N-16F80L SAK-XC2261N-24F40L SAK-XC2261N-24F80L SAK-XC2263M-104F80L SAK-XC2263M-56F80L SAK-XC2263M-72F80L SAK-XC2263N-16F40L SAK-XC2263N-16F80L SAK-XC2263N-24F40L SAK-XC2263N-24F80L SAK-XC2263N-40F40L SAK-XC2263N-40F80L SAK-XC2264M-104F80L SAK-XC2264M-56F80L SAK-XC2264M-72F80L SAK-XC2264N-16F40L SAK-XC2264N-16F80L SAK-XC2264N-24F40L SAK-XC2264N-24F80L SAK-XC2264N-40F40L SAK-XC2264N-40F80L SAK-XC2265M-104F80L SAK-XC2265M-56F80L SAK-XC2265M-72F80L SAK-XC2265N-16F40L SAK-XC2265N-16F80L SAK-XC2265N-24F40L SAK-XC2265N-24F80L SAK-XC2265N-40F40L SAK-XC2265N-40F80L SAK-XC2267M-104F80L SAK-XC2267M-56F80L SAK-XC2267M-72F80L SAK-XC2268M-104F80L SAK-XC2268M-56F80L SAK-XC2268M-72F80L SAK-XC2268N-16F40L SAK-XC2268N-16F80L SAK-XC2268N-24F40L SAK-XC2268N-24F80L SAK-XC2268N-40F40L SAK-XC2268N-40F80L SAK-XC2285-72F66L SAK-XC2285-96F66L SAK-XC2286-72F66L SAK-XC2286-96F66L SAK-XC2287-72F66L SAK-XC2287-96F66L SAK-XC2336B-24F66L SAK-XC2336B-40F66L SAK-XC2361B-24F80L SAK-XC2361B-40F80L SAK-XC2363B-24F80L SAK-XC2363B-40F80L SAK-XC2364B-24F80L SAK-XC2364B-40F80L SAK-XC2365B-24F80L SAK-XC2365B-40F80L SAK-XC2387-72F66L SAK-XC2734X-40F80L SAK-XC2764X-40F80L SAK-XC824M-1FGI SAK-XC846-1FR SAK-XC866-1FR SAK-XC866-2FR SAK-XC866-4FR SAK-XC866L-2FR SAK-XC866L-4FR SAK-XC886-6FFA SAK-XC886-6FFI SAK-XC886-8FFA SAK-XC886-8FFI SAK-XC886C-6FFA SAK-XC886C-6FFI SAK-XC886C-8FFA SAK-XC886C-8FFI SAK-XC886CLM-6FFA SAK-XC886CLM-6FFI SAK-XC886CLM-8FFA SAK-XC886CLM-8FFI SAK-XC886CM-6FFA SAK-XC886CM-6FFI SAK-XC886CM-8FFA SAK-XC886CM-8FFI SAK-XC886LM-6FFA SAK-XC886LM-6FFI SAK-XC886LM-8FFA SAK-XC886LM-8FFI SAK-XC888-6FFA SAK-XC888-6FFI SAK-XC888-8FFA SAK-XC888-8FFI SAK-XC888C-6FFA SAK-XC888C-6FFI SAK-XC888C-8FFA SAK-XC888C-8FFI SAK-XC888CLM-6FFA SAK-XC888CLM-6FFI SAK-XC888CLM-8FFA SAK-XC888CLM-8FFI SAK-XC888CM-6FFA SAK-XC888CM-6FFI SAK-XC888CM-8FFA SAK-XC888CM-8FFI SAK-XC888LM-6FFA SAK-XC888LM-6FFI SAK-XC888LM-8FFA SAK-XC888LM-8FFI SAK-XE160FU-4FXR SAK-XE160FU-8FXR SAK-XE161FL-12FXV SAK-XE161FL-20FXV SAK-XE161FU-4FXV SAK-XE161FU-8FXV SAK-XE161HL-12FXV SAK-XE161HL-20FXV SAK-XE162FL-12F66L SAK-XE162FL-20F66L SAK-XE162HL-12F66L SAK-XE162HL-20F66L SAK-XE164FM-24F80L SAK-XE164FM-48F80L SAK-XE164FM-72F80L SAK-XE164FN-24F80L SAK-XE164FN-40F80L SAK-XE164GM-24F80L SAK-XE164GM-48F80L SAK-XE164GM-72F80L SAK-XE164GN-24F80L SAK-XE164GN-40F80L SAK-XE164HM-24F80L SAK-XE164HM-48F80L SAK-XE164HM-72F80L SAK-XE164HN-24F80L SAK-XE164HN-40F80L SAK-XE164KM-24F80L SAK-XE164KM-48F80L SAK-XE164KM-72F80L SAK-XE164KN-24F80L SAK-XE164KN-40F80L SAK-XE169FH-136FXL SAK-XE169FH-200FXL SAX-XC824M-1FGI SAX-XC878-13FFA SAX-XC878-16FFA SAX-XC878C-13FFA SAX-XC878C-16FFA SAX-XC878CM-13FFA SAX-XC878CM-16FFA SAX-XC878L-13FFA SAX-XC878L-16FFA SAX-XC878LM-13FFA ...

    SAFxx series Microprocessor code receovery: SAF-C164CI-8EM SAF-C501G-1EN SAF-C501G-1EP SAF-C504-2EM SAF-C505A-4EM SAF-C505CA-4EM SAF-C505L-4EM SAF-C508-4EM SAF-C508-4EP SAF-C513AO-2EM SAF-C513AO-2EN SAF-C513AO-2EP SAF-C515C-8EM SAF-XC161CJ-16F20F SAF-XC161CJ-16F40F SAF-XC161CS-32F20F SAF-XC161CS-32F40F SAF-XC164CM-16F20F SAF-XC164CM-16F40F SAF-XC164CM-4F20F SAF-XC164CM-4F40F SAF-XC164CM-8F20F SAF-XC164CM-8F40F SAF-XC164CS-16F20F SAF-XC164CS-16F40F SAF-XC164CS-32F20F SAF-XC164CS-32F40F SAF-XC164CS-8F20F SAF-XC164CS-8F40F SAF-XC164D-16F20F SAF-XC164D-16F40F SAF-XC164D-8F20F SAF-XC164D-8F40F SAF-XC164N-16F20F SAF-XC164N-16F40F SAF-XC164N-8F20F SAF-XC164N-8F40F SAF-XC164S-16F20F SAF-XC164S-16F40F SAF-XC164S-8F20F SAF-XC164S-8F40F SAF-XC167CI-16F20F SAF-XC167CI-16F40F SAF-XC167CI-32F20F SAF-XC167CI-32F40F SAF-XC2210U-4FXRTSSOP38 SAF-XC2210U-8FXRTSSOP38 SAF-XC2220L-12FXV SAF-XC2220L-20FXV SAF-XC2220U-4FXV SAF-XC2220U-8FXV SAF-XC2224L-12FXV SAF-XC2224L-20FXV SAF-XC2230L-12F66L SAF-XC2230L-20F66L SAF-XC2234L-12F66L SAF-XC2234L-20F66L SAF-XC2261N-16F40L SAF-XC2261N-16F80L SAF-XC2261N-24F40L SAF-XC2261N-24F80L SAF-XC2263M-104F80L SAF-XC2263M-56F80L SAF-XC2263M-72F80L SAF-XC2263N-16F40L SAF-XC2263N-16F80L SAF-XC2263N-24F40L SAF-XC2263N-24F80L SAF-XC2263N-40F40L SAF-XC2263N-40F80L SAF-XC2264M-104F80L SAF-XC2264M-56F80L SAF-XC2264M-72F80L SAF-XC2264N-16F40L SAF-XC2264N-16F80L SAF-XC2264N-24F40L SAF-XC2264N-24F80L SAF-XC2264N-40F40L SAF-XC2264N-40F80L SAF-XC2265M-104F80L SAF-XC2265M-56F80L SAF-XC2265M-72F80L SAF-XC2265N-16F40L SAF-XC2265N-16F80L SAF-XC2265N-24F40L SAF-XC2265N-24F80L SAF-XC2265N-40F40L SAF-XC2265N-40F80L SAF-XC2267M-104F80L SAF-XC2267M-56F80L SAF-XC2267M-72F80L SAF-XC2268M-104F80L SAF-XC2268M-56F80L SAF-XC2268M-72F80L SAF-XC2268N-16F40L SAF-XC2268N-16F80L SAF-XC2268N-24F40L SAF-XC2268N-24F80L SAF-XC2268N-40F40L SAF-XC2268N-40F80L SAF-XC2285-72F66L SAF-XC2285-96F66L SAF-XC2286-72F66L SAF-XC2286-96F66L SAF-XC2287-72F66L SAF-XC2287-96F66L SAF-XC2336B-24F66L SAF-XC2336B-40F66L SAF-XC2361B-24F80L SAF-XC2361B-40F80L SAF-XC2363B-24F80L SAF-XC2363B-40F80L SAF-XC2364B-24F80L SAF-XC2364B-40F80L SAF-XC2365B-24F80L SAF-XC2365B-40F80L SAF-XC2387-72F66L SAF-XC2734X-40F80L SAF-XC2764X-40F80L SAF-XC822-1FRI SAF-XC822M-1FRI SAF-XC822MT-1FRI SAF-XC822T-0FRI SAF-XC822T-1FRI SAF-XC824M-1FGI SAF-XC824MT-1FGI SAF-XC835MT-2FGI SAF-XC836-2FRI SAF-XC836M-1FRI SAF-XC836M-2FRI SAF-XC836MT-2FRA SAF-XC836MT-2FRI SAF-XC836T-2FRI SAF-XC846-1FR SAF-XC856CLM-13FFI SAF-XC856CLM-16FFI SAF-XC856CLM-9FFI SAF-XC856LM-13FFI SAF-XC856LM-16FFI SAF-XC856LM-9FFI SAF-XC858CA-13FFI SAF-XC858CA-16FFI SAF-XC858CA-9FFI SAF-XC866-1FR SAF-XC866-2FR SAF-XC866-4FR SAF-XC866L-2FR SAF-XC866L-4FR SAF-XC878-13FFI SAF-XC878-16FFI SAF-XC878CM-13FFI SAF-XC878CM-16FFI SAF-XC878M-13FFI SAF-XC878M-16FFI SAF-XC886-6FFA SAF-XC886-6FFI SAF-XC886-8FFA SAF-XC886-8FFI SAF-XC886C-6FFA SAF-XC886C-6FFI SAF-XC886C-8FFA SAF-XC886C-8FFI SAF-XC886CLM-6FFA SAF-XC886CLM-6FFI SAF-XC886CLM-8FFA SAF-XC886CLM-8FFI SAF-XC886CM-6FFA SAF-XC886CM-6FFI SAF-XC886CM-8FFA SAF-XC886CM-8FFI SAF-XC886LM-6FFA SAF-XC886LM-6FFI SAF-XC886LM-8FFA SAF-XC886LM-8FFI SAF-XC888-6FFA SAF-XC888-6FFI SAF-XC888-8FFA SAF-XC888-8FFI SAF-XC888C-6FFA SAF-XC888C-6FFI SAF-XC888C-8FFA SAF-XC888C-8FFI SAF-XC888CLM-6FFA SAF-XC888CLM-6FFI SAF-XC888CLM-8FFA SAF-XC888CLM-8FFI SAF-XC888CM-6FFA SAF-XC888CM-6FFI SAF-XC888CM-8FFA SAF-XC888CM-8FFI SAF-XC888LM-6FFA SAF-XC888LM-6FFI SAF-XC888LM-8FFA SAF-XC888LM-8FFI SAF-XE160FU-4FXR SAF-XE160FU-8FXR SAF-XE161FL-12FXV SAF-XE161FL-20FXV SAF-XE161FU-4FXV SAF-XE161FU-8FXV SAF-XE161HL-12FXV SAF-XE161HL-20FXV SAF-XE162FL-12F66L SAF-XE162FL-20F66L SAF-XE162HL-12F66L SAF-XE162HL-20F66L SAF-XE164F-24F66L SAF-XE164F-48F66L SAF-XE164F-72F66L SAF-XE164F-96F66L SAF-XE164FM-24F80L SAF-XE164FM-48F80L SAF-XE164FM-72F80L SAF-XE164FN-24F80L SAF-XE164FN-40F80L SAF-XE164G-24F66L SAF-XE164G-48F66L SAF-XE164G-72F66L SAF-XE164G-96F66L SAF-XE164GM-24F80L SAF-XE164GM-48F80L SAF-XE164GM-72F80L SAF-XE164GN-24F80L SAF-XE164GN-40F80L SAF-XE164H-24F66L SAF-XE164H-48F66L SAF-XE164H-72F66L SAF-XE164H-96F66L SAF-XE164HM-24F80L SAF-XE164HM-48F80L SAF-XE164HM-72F80L SAF-XE164HN-24F80L SAF-XE164HN-40F80L SAF-XE164K-24F66L SAF-XE164K-48F66L SAF-XE164K-72F66L SAF-XE164K-96F66L SAF-XE164KM-24F80L SAF-XE164KM-48F80L SAF-XE164KM-72F80L SAF-XE164KN-24F80L SAF-XE164KN-40F80L SAF-XE167F-48F66L SAF-XE167F-72F66L SAF-XE167F-96F66L SAF-XE167G-48F66L SAF-XE167G-72F66L SAF-XE167G-96F66L SAF-XE167H-48F66L SAF-XE167H-72F66L SAF-XE167H-96F66L SAF-XE167K-48F66L SAF-XE167K-72F66L SAF-XE167K-96F66L SAF-XE169FH-136FXL SAF-XE169FH-200FXL ...

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    Other series Microprocessor code receovery: SAH-C504-2EM SAH-C505A-4EM SAH-C505CA-4EM PCH797 PMA71051 TLE4998P3XALA1 TLE7810G XE160FU-4FxR XE160FU-8FxR XE162FN-40FxxL XE167FM-72FxxL SP30 SP37 SP370 SP373 XC2234L-20FxL XC2330D-12F XC2330D-20F XC2331D-12F XC2331D-20F SABC501 SABC504 SABC505 SABC508 SAB-C513 SABC515 SABC540 SABC541 SAB-C504 SAB-C505 SAB-C508 SAB-C516 SAB-C515C-8EM SAB-C540U SAB-C541 SAB-XC167 SDA2516 SDA2526 SDA2546 SDA2586 ...



Infineon Technologies Intro

Infineon Technologies AG, in Neubiberg near Munich, offers semiconductors and systems for automotive, industrial, and multimarket sectors, as well as chipcard and security products. With a global presence, Infineon operates through its subsidiaries in the USA, from Milpitas, California, and in the Asia-Pacific region, from Singapore and from Tokyo, Japan.

Infineon has a number of facilities in Europe, one in Dresden, Germany, Europe's microelectronic, and emerging technologies center. Infineon's high power segment is in Warstein, Germany; Villach, Austria; Cegléd, Hungary; and Italy. It also runs R&D centers in France, Singapore, Romania, Taiwan, UK and Bangalore, as well as fabrication units in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. There's also a Shared Service Center in Maia, Portugal.

Infineon is listed in the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
In 2010, a proxy contest broke out in advance of the impending shareholders' meeting over whether board member Klaus Wucherer would be allowed to step into the chairman's office upon the retirement of the then-current chairman Max Dietrich Kley Laser Decapsulation acid decap FIB sem.
After several restructurings, Infineon today comprises three business areas:


Infineon provides semiconductor products for use in powertrains (engine and transmission control), comfort electronics (e.g., steering, shock absorbers, air conditioning) as well as in safety systems (ABS, airbags, ESP). The product portfolio includes microcontrollers, power semiconductors and sensors. In fiscal year 2010 (ending September), sales amounted to € 1,268 million for the ATV segment.

Industrial & Multimarket (IMM)

The industrial division of the company includes power semiconductors and modules which are used for generation, transmission and consumption of electrical energy. Its application areas include control of electric drives for industrial applications and household appliances, modules for renewable energy production, conversion and transmission, semiconductor components for lighting management systems and LED lighting, power supplies for servers, PCs, notebooks and consumer electronics, custom devices for peripheral devices, game consoles, applications in medical technology, high-frequency components having a protective function for communication and tuner systems and silicon MEMS microphones. IMM achieved in fiscal year 2010 sales of € 1,374 million.

Chip Card & Security (CCS)

The CCS business provides microcontrollers for mobile phone SIM cards, payment cards, security chips and chip-based solutions for passports, identity cards and other official documents. Infineon delivers a significant number of chips for the new German identity card.[3] In addition, CCS provides solutions for applications with high security requirements such as pay television and Trusted Computing. CSS achieved € 407 million in fiscal year 2010.

Acquisitions and divestitures

The former memory chip division was carved out in 2006 as Infineon’s subsidiary Qimonda, of which Infineon last held a little over three quarters. In January 2009, Qimonda filed for bankruptcy with the district court in Munich.
On 7 July 2009, Infineon Technologies AG agreed by contract with the U.S. investor Golden Gate Capital on the sale of its Wireline Communications for € 250 million.[4] The resulting new company is now known as Lantiq.[5]
On 31 January 2011, the sale of the business segment of wireless solutions to Intel was completed. The resulting new company has approximately 3,500 employees and now operates as Intel Mobile Communications (IMC).


Infineon bought ADMtek back in 2004.


Major institutional investors in Infineon are: Dodge and Cox International: 10.03%, Merrill Lynch International: 5.25%, Templeton Global Advisors Limited snaileye: 5.16%, Capital Group International: 4.14%.

Segment Results - 31 January 2013

Q1 FY 2013: Revenue €851 million; Segment Result €44 million
Outlook Q2 FY 2013: revenue expected to increase by a mid single digit percentage and Segment Result to be slightly up in absolute terms compared to previous quarter

Outlook FY 2013: revenue forecast to decrease by mid-to-high single digit percentage compared to previous fiscal year, with Segment Result Margin remaining at a mid-to-high single digit percentage of revenue despite headwinds from euro/US dollar exchange rate

Price fixing controversy

In 2004–2005 an investigation was carried out into a worldwide DRAM price fixing conspiracy during 1999–2002 that damaged competition and raised PC prices. As a result, Samsung is to pay $300 million fine, Hynix was to pay $185 million in 2005, Infineon: $160 million in 2004. Micron firmware copy Technology cooperated with prosecutors and no fine is expected.


AENEON was introduced in 2005. AENEON is a DRAM memory family of Infineon and fits into standard PCs and notebooks.
AENEON targets whitebox 激光芯片开盖fib (non-brand) PC and notebook manufacturers world wide, as well as the European retail segment and end users (web shop). AENEON DRAM memory focuses the "price-performance maker club" segment.

Price advantages are obtained due to a limited product portfolio (only unbuffered and SO-DIMM), and due to outsourced module assembly. The DRAM components, however, are "Made by Infineon ".


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