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NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational provider of information technology (IT) services and products, with its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.[2] NEC provides information technology (IT) and network solutions to business enterprises, communications services providers and to government agencies. The company was known as the Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before rebranding in 1983 as just NEC. Its NEC Semiconductors business unit was one of the worldwide top 20 semiconductor sales leaders before merging it with Renesas Electronics.

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    80PIN nec microcontroller dump: uPD78F0544 uPD78F0545 uPD78F0546 uPD78F0547 ...


In 1980, NEC created the first digital signal processor, the NEC µPD7710. NEC Semiconductors (UK) Ltd. was established in 1981, producing VLSIs and LSIs. NEC introduced the 8-bit PC-8800 series personal computer in 1981, followed by the 16-bit PC-9800 series in 1982. In 1983 NEC stock was listed on the Basel, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland exchanges. NEC changed its English company name to NEC Corporation the same year. NEC Information Systems, Inc. started manufacturing computers and related products in the United States in 1984. NEC also released the V-series processor the same year. In 1986, NEC delivered its SX-2 super computer to the Houston Advanced Research Center, The Woodlands, Tx. In the same year, the NEAX61 digital switching system went in to service. In 1987, NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd. was established in the United Kingdom to manufacture VCRs, printers and computer monitors and mobile telephones for Europe. Also that year, NEC licensed technology from Hudson Soft Focused Ion Beam Services, a video game manufacturer, to create a video game console called the PC-Engine (later released in 1989 as the TurboGrafx-16 in the North American market). Its successor, the PC-FX, was released in Japan in 1994. NEC USA, Inc. was established in 1989 as a holding company for North American operations.

In 1990, the new head office building, known as the "Super Tower", was completed. Additionally, joint-venture agreements were established to manufacture and market digital electronic switching systems and LSIs in China. In 1993 NEC's asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switching system, the NEAX61 (Nippon Electronic Automatic Exchange) ATM Service Node, went into service in the United States. NEC Europe, Ltd. was established as a holding company for European operations the same year. The NEC C&C Research Laboratories, NEC Europe, Ltd. were get hex code source code recovery flash memory protect eraseextract encryption source code retreive security opened in Germany in 1994. NEC (China) Co, Ltd. was established as a holding company for Chinese operations in 1996. In 1997 NEC developed 4Gbit DRAM, and their semiconductor group was honored with one of the first Japan Quality Awards. In 1998, NEC opened the world's most advanced semiconductor R&D facility.

NEC celebrated their 100th anniversary in 1999. NEC Electronics Corporation was separated from NEC in 2002 as a new semiconductor company. NEC Laboratories America, Inc. (NEC Labs) started in November, 2002 as a merger of NEC Research Institute (NECI) and NEC USA’s Computer read protected HEX data code fuses unlock blockedopen a locked Microcontroller mcu lockbit lock and Communications Research Laboratory (CCRL). NEC built the Earth Simulator Computer maker (ESC), the fastest supercomputer in the world from 2002 to 2004, and since produced the NEC N343i in 2006.

In 2007, NEC and Nissan Co. Corp. started evaluating a joint venture to produce lithium ion batteries for hybrid and electric cars.[22]
On April 23, 2009, Renesas Technology Corp and NEC Electronics Corp struck a basic agreement to merge by around April 2010.[23] On April 1, 2010 NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology merged forming Renesas Electronics which is set to be fourth largest semiconductor company according to iSuppli published data.

On January 27, 2011, NEC formed a PC joint venture with Chinese PC maker Lenovo, the fourth largest PC maker in the world. As part of the deal, the companies said in a read-out of an EEPROM processor dump flash and eeprom decapsulation and code recovery copy contents of crypto memory disassemble file statement they will snaileye establish a new company called Lenovo NEC Holdings B.V., which will be registered in the Netherlands. NEC will receive US$175 million from Lenovo through the issuance of Lenovo's shares. Lenovo, through a unit, will own a 51% stake in the joint venture, while NEC will hold a 49% stake.[25] In February 2011, Bloomberg News said the joint venture would allow Lenovo to expand in the field of servers, and NEC's Masato Yamamoto said NEC would be able to grow in China.


NEC MCU index:

uPD78F9222 uPD78F9234 uPD78078 UPD78F0537 UPD78F0511 UPD78F1166 upd78f0514 uPD78F9212 uPD78054 upd78f0547 uPD78F0513 uPD78F9202 UPD78F0535 UPD78F0501 uPD78070A uPD78018F UPD78F0534 uPD78064 uPD78F0515 uPD78075B upd78f0523 UPD78328GF upd78f0536 upd78f0544 uPD78F0730 UPD78F0503 uPD78078Y uPD78058F uPD78F0500 UPD78F18 uPD789026 UPD78F9222MC-5A4 UPD780058 uPD78074 uPD78P018F UPD78F9211 uPD78F0546 uPD78F9232 UPD78F0547GC upd78f05 uPD78F0714 uPD78F9116 uPD784038 uPD78F9116A uPD784038Y UPD780C UPD789046 uPD78F1165 uPD780988 upd78f0524 upd78f1828 uPD78F9116GS UPD78014 uPD78328 uPD78F9224 uPD78366A uPD78F0034A uPD789014 uPD78F0058GC-8BT uPD789177 upd78f1164 uPD78052 uPD78F1829 uPD78083 uPD780308 uPD78F0397 UPD7810HG-36 uPD78064Y uPD78C10G-36 upd78f0502 uPD78F0103 UPD78214 uPD780C-1 uPD78058 uPD78082 uPD780949 uPD78F1835 UPD7810 uPD78F9221 uPD78P058 uPD78F1804 uPD78F9201 uPD784216 upD78 NEC uPD789114 UPD78F0527 uPD78F0512 uPD784026 uPD780982 uPD78F9200 UPD78P064GF-3BA uPD78F0828A uPD78014H uPD780986 uPD78P083 UPD78C10AGQ-36 uPD780984 uPD78063 uPD78F1823 UPD7801G UPD789860 uPD78356 uPD78F0887 uPD78058FY uPD78F0828B uPD78F1830 uPD780983 uPD78F0485 UPD78F9210 uPD78P078 uPD78053 uPD780024A uPD789861 uPD784908 uPD78F0526 uPD78C14 uPD78F0893 uPD780306 uPD78F9116B uPD78F8026 uPD78P054 uPD78F9418 uPD78F9502 uPD78F1812 uPD789104 uPD78F9076 uPD78P0308GF-3BA uPD78F0841 uPD78F0988A uPD78F9046 uPD78F8024 uPD78P018FCW uPD78F1845 UPD78F0503MC uPD78014Y UPD78062 UPD78P0308 UPD78P054GC-3B9 uPD78F0503D uPD789134 uPD78098 uPD780101 uPD78044A uPD78P064 uPD78F0513D uPD78P9014 uPD78F0822 uPD784915 uPD78054Y uPD78F1155 uPD780001 uPD78P014 uPD784031 UPD78F9212GR(S)-305-JJG-E uPD78F1026 UPD78F0756 uPD780034A uPD78F9500 uPD78044H uPD78F1213 uPD78064B uPD784036 uPD78F0501MC uPD784216Y uPD78076 uPD78018FY uPD789102 UPD78013 uPD789011 UPD78312 uPD789407A uPD78012H uPD78P0308Y uPD78011F UPD78C18 uPD78F0546GC uPD7811G-36 UPD78F9222MC-5A4-A uPD789114A uPD780208 uPD78F0525 uPD78F9136 uPD78P058F UPD78C10AGF-3BE UPD78F9418A uPD78F9328 uPD78P058FY uPD78F0533 uPD78F0513A uPD78F9222MC uPD780306Y uPD78F1178 uPD78P078Y uPD78F1144 uPD78F4216A uPD789167 uPD78F0531 UPD78322 UPD7800G uPD78F0078 uPD78070AY uPD78F4216 uPD780 uPD78F0847 uPD78F0411 uPD784225 uPD78F1142 uPD780053 UPD7801 uPD789104A upd78081 uPD784218 uPD784928 uPD78F0855 uPD784046 UPD78P064B uPD789407 uPD78F9418AGC-8BT uPD78F9234MC uPD78F0711 uPD78F1500A uPD78F0515A uPD78P368A uPD78F9177A uPD780021A uPD78F9026A upd78f0521 uPD78F0114HD uPD780065 UPD78F0058GC-8BT-A uPD784218A uPD78P218AGC-AB8 uPD789101 uPD784035 uPD78P048A uPD78F0818 uPD78F1816 uPD784225Y uPD7811 UPD780023 uPD78P312ADW uPD78044 UPD78F054 uPD78363A uPD78F0058YGC-8BT UPD78F0513GA-8EU-A UPD78F0034 UPD78CP14G-36 uPD78F1024 uPD78F0545 UPD78012B uPD78F0888 uPD789111 uPD78F9501 uPD784907 UPD78F0338GC-9EB uPD78F0859 UPD78P058GC uPD789327 uPD780701Y uPD78F8029 uPD78F0475 UPD78F1834 uPD78098B uPD78013F UPD78P054GC-8BT UPD78P218AGC uPD78F1826 uPD78011H uPD78F9801 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