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GigaDevice, the leading provider of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) devices, is a fabless company engaged in advanced memory and related chip design in Mainland China established in 2005. GigaDevice provides a wide range of high speed and low power NOR Flash memory products. Since 2007, GigaDevice has been accredited by SGS ISO9001 and ISO14001. More than 55% employees are in research and development segment, which assures GigaDevice products the leading position in competition. The members of GigaDevice management team have rich working experience in famous memory companies in Silicon Valley US, Korea and Taiwan. GigaDevice has developed the 1st SPI NOR Flash, the 1st SPI NAND Flash, the 1st series of ARM® Cortex™-M3 32-bit general-purpose MCU products, the 1st SRAM and the 1st GigaROM product in China. GigaDevice currently produces a wide range of SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash and MCU in embedded, consumer electronics, and mobile communications domain. GigaDevice operates a manufacturing model with strong relationship with foundry partners, assembly and testing house. GigaDevice believes that close foundry model overwhelms the old IDM model as the capital investment and size of the top tier foundry is much bigger than small and medium size of IDM. New equipment and rapid growing 12” inch capacity from foundry partners are key factors in successful competitions in technology and manufacturing cost and capacity..

  • Mikatech Giga Device MCU reverse engineer list:
  • GD32Fxxx series: mcu crack: GD32E230KSTART GD32F101CBT6 GD32F101VBT6 GD32F103C8T6 GD32F103CBT6 GD32F103R8T6 GD32F103RBT6 GD32F103RCT6 GD32F103RCT6LQFP64 GD32F103RET6 GD32F103RGT6 GD32F103T8U6 GD32F103TBU6 GD32F103VBT6 GD32F103VCT6 GD32F103VET6 GD32F105RBT6 GD32F105RCT6 GD32F105RGT6 GD32F105VCT6 GD32F107RCT6 GD32F107VCT6 GD32F107ZGT6 GD32F130C6T6 GD32F130C8T6 GD32F130F4P6 GD32F130F4P6TR GD32F130G4U6TR GD32F130G6U6TR GD32F130G8U6TR GD32F130R8T6 GD32F150C6T6 GD32F150C8T6 GD32F150G8U6 GD32F150G8U6TR GD32F150K8U6 GD32F150R8T6 GD32F207RCT6 GD32F303CGT6 GD32F303RCT6 GD32F303RET6 GD32F303VET6 GD32F305RBT6 GD32F330C6T6 GD32F330C8T6 GD32F330G8U6TR GD32F330K8U6 GD32F350C8T6 GD32F350CBT6 GD32F403VEH6 GD32F403VIH6 GD32F405RGT6 GD32F405VGH6 GD32F407VET6 GD32F450ZET6 GD32FFPRTGU6 GD400N04 GD4016BD GD4053B GD5F1GQ4RAYIGR GD5F1GQ4RB9IGR GD5F1GQ4UAYIG GD5F1GQ4UBYIG GD5F1GQ4UBYIGY GD5F1GQ4UCYIGY GD5F1GQ4UEYIG GD5F1GQ4UEYIGR GD5F2GQ4UB9IG GD5F2GQ4UBYIG GD74HC245 GD74HC393 GD74HCT173 GD74HCT245P GD74HCT374 GD74LS194A GD74LS74AN GD74LS86 GD75232D GD9FU1G8F2AMGI ...




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