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The tenx Corporation was founded in 1997 to design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of high performance COMS ICs. Our products include 4 and 8 bit RISC Micro-Controllers,USB controllers, RF IC, LCD TV controllers and System on Chip (SOC) devices. These products are used primarily in personal computers, peripheral controls, and consumer and communications applications.

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tenx commenced development of its low-power, low voltage 4-bit RISC MCU product line in 1997. The company quickly became the market leader in Taiwan based on the powerful architecture and superior cost-benefit ratio of this product line. In 2001, tenx set a record by shipping one hundred and forty-two million chips in a single year. tenx has not only been ranked the No.1 4bit MCU design house in Taiwan but has also become one of the top five 4bit MCU suppliers in the world. With offices located in Hsin Chu (Taiwan), and subsidiaries in Mainland China and Hong Kong in addition to its Taipei headquarters, tenx is poised to penetrate markets throughout the Asia-Pacific and Greater China regions by offering efficient and reliable service to its worldwide customers.

With extensive experience in sophisticated design techniques and state-of-the-art process technology, tenx has developed into a capable, highly-competitive silicon solution provider. Core competencies include the following:
(1) Innovative research and development capability
(2) Guaranteed manufacturing capacity and stable production cycle
(3) Efficient technical support, sales, and marketing organizations
(4) Strict quality management and ISO-certified quality assurance system

With its comprehensiveness range of MCU, Embedded NVM, Logic ICs, USB controllers, RF IC, LCD TV controllers , SOC and ASIC product lines, and its leading-edge, highly experienced R&D team, has what it takes to design and integrate solutions for customers with a wide variety of IC design needs. With many successful stories, tenx provides high quality semiconductor solutions with extremely competitive prices to its customers.

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