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A Beginners Guide to Programmable Logic Devices
  • Programmable logic devices, what are they? Specifically they are an integrated circuit that you program using a hardware description language such as VHDL or Verilog. Other languages that you may have heard of are CUPL or ADA. With the correct tools you can even generate a schematic that is used to build the file that will be used to program the device.

    There are several types of programmable logic available. Older versions like the programmable array logic (PAL) such as the PAL20R8, the generic array logic (GAL) such as the GAL22v10, the programmable logic device (PLD) such as the 22V10, the simple programmable logic device (SPLD) such as the 20V8 have been around for quite some time.

    The complex programmable logic device (CPLD) such as the XC2C32A from Xilinx, and the field programmable gate array (FPGA) such as the XC3S50 from Xilinx are some of the newer versions of programmable logic that are a result of improvements to the original types of devices.


    These types of devices are available from several manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Cypress Semiconductor, Atmel, Lattice Semi, Altera, Actel, and Xilinx. Some of these suppliers no longer manufacture these devices themselves but have sold the rights to Rochester Electronics who manufactures them with the same part numbers and logos while some like Lattice still offer GAL devices in addition to newer CPLDs and FPGAs.

  • For those that noticed, I mentioned two types of parts, a PLD (and variants) and FPGA. What are the differences? The short answer is architecture firmware recovery. The FPGAs generally have lots of Flip Flops while PLDs have much fewer if any at all.

    In addition today’s FPGAs usually get other features such as built in multipliers, dedicated block ram, and can generally handle more interface standards (such as LVDS). Most FPGA devices need a separate device to program them (the exception to this is Actel and the Spartan 3AN series from Xilinx). This is due to the fact that most FPGAs are SRAM based devices and when power goes out, the program is lost. The FPGA architecture is structured similar to the pictures below:

  • CPLDs on the other hand dont need a separate device to program them and they do not loose their program when power is cycled or lost. Their architecture is completely different from that of a FPGA as shown below. In addition some CPLDs are able to handle different signaling schemes (LVDS, HSTL, etc) as well as have the ability to consume tiny amounts of power when put into power miser modes.

    As you can see the Xilinx device is broken out in to I/O Blocks, programmable logic arrays (PLA), and the advanced interconnect matrix (AIM). Programming is done via the JTAG pins on the device.

    The PLA is part of the function block. As you can see signals are routed from the I/O Blocks to the function block then to the AIM and vice-versa. From the picture you can see small blocks labeled MC1 to MC16. These are macro cells.

    The PAL, GAL, and PLD devices have an architecture as shown below.

  • Like micro controllers you have lots of options and price points. The main thing to consider when selecting a PLD or FPGA is what is it you need to do. Remember programmable logic devices wont have a any analog inputs such as A/D (The exception to this is the Actel Smart Fusion and that is yet another instructable) so everything is digital in nature. Practically anything you can do in a micro controller can be done in a piece of programmable logic and in a great many designs engineers routinely use both a FPGA/CPLD with a Microprocessor or micro controller.

    A selection guide for Xilinx CoolRunner II devices is shown below and the PDF is attached if the image is too fuzzy for you.

    To get an idea of what other devices are out there here are some links to get you started:

  • Like micro controllers, you need a tool to allow you to develop your code, test it both before and after layout via simulation, and at some point be able to program your part. Depending on your budget you can get tools that range from being free to easily spending $50,000. The free tools really are all that you will need. Anything beyond that is going to be for the hard core or those who work for a company that has paid for a tool set from someone like Mentor Graphics or Synplicity.

    �All the mainstream suppliers (Xilinx, Altera, Atmel, and Actel) have free tools. Some need a license (Actel and Atmel) that limits you to a time frame for the tools to work while others are not time based and work forever once you have registered (Xilinx and Altera).�


    As I use Xilinx that is the tool set that we will cover. The FREE Xilinx tool set is called� WebPack and will allow you to design with most of the parts from Xilinx. This is a complete front to back tool that includes verification capability and two simulators (one from Xilinx and one from ModelSim).

    Most of the tools look similar to this. This is Xilinxs ISE tool that you get when you down load WebPack. Here you can write your code and manage your project. For those that don't want to write code they can generate a schematic from with in the tool as shown below.

  • Like micro controllers, you need a tool to allow you to develop your code, test it both before and after layout via simulation, and at some point be able to program your part. Depending on your budget you can get tools that range from being free to easily spending $50,000. The free tools really are all that you will need. Anything beyond that is going to be for the hard core or those who work for a company that has paid for a tool set from someone like Mentor Graphics or Synplicity.

    �All the mainstream suppliers (Xilinx, Altera, Atmel, and Actel) have free tools. Some need a license (Actel and Atmel) that limits you to a time frame for the tools to work while others are not time based and work forever once you have registered (Xilinx and Altera).

    Now for one of the easiest and hardest fib ASIC modification wafer questions to answer; what language do I use if any at all? This question alone has been the source of some heated arguments amongst engineers so I will talk a bit about three options.

    Schematic entry. Possibly the least difficult if one has experience with logic design at the gate level. Most tools have all the gates in the component library. The draw back is that with a snaileye schematic you have to specify and place each gate unless you have built functions and have saved them. With coding, you can describe how you want the logic to operate and not have to explicitly call out each gate. This is one of the benefits of coding with a hardware description language or HDL.

    VHDL and Verilog are programming focused ion beam languages used to describe hardware type logic. Both are high level languages like C and C++ but do allow one to code a logic function at a very basic (i.e. gate level) level.

    Here are some examples of an AND Gate using VHDL and Verilog in the attached maker together club PDF.

    So there you have it. A basic introduction into Programmable Logic Devices. Personally I prefer Xilinx but have used Altera, Actel, and Cypress in the past.

    I hope this instructable was able to answer most questions that you might have had and hopefully it will cause you to have other questions as well.

    Be on the lookout for more instructables dealing with programmable logic devices.

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EPM5032PC15PLAS28P EPM5032PC-17 EPM5032PC17 EPM5032PC2 EPM5032PC-2 EPM5032PC20 EPM5032PC-20 EPM5032PC20CCD07 EPM 5032PC-25 EPM5032PC-25 EPM5032PC25 EPM5032PC25PROGPERLTXS EPM5032PC2825 EPM5032PI EPM5032PI-25 EPM5032PI25 EPM5032PM25 EPM5032SC EPM5032SC-15 EPM5032SC15 EPM 5032 SC 15 EPM5032SC-15 SOIC PLAS EPM5032SC-15SOICPLASTI EPM5032SC15SOICPLASTIC EPM5032SC-17 EPM5032SC17 EPM5032SC2 EPM5032SC-2 EPM5032SC-20 EPM5032SC-25 EPM5032SC25 EPM 5032 SC 25 EPM5032SC-25 SOIC PLAS EPM5032SC-25SOICPLASTI EPM5032SC25SOICPLASTIC EPM5032SI20 EPM5032SM25 EPM5032TC-2 EPM5032TC2 EPM5032TC20 EPM5034DC EPM5034DC-20 EPM503DC EPM503PC25 EPM5040G EPM5046 EPM504615 EPM506 EPM5061DC EPM5061DC20 EPM5061DC-20 EPM5064 EPM5064-1 EPM506415 EPM-5064-2-JC EPM-5064-2-JC ALTERA EPM5064ALC44-10 EPM5064ALC4410 EPM5064DC EPM5064DC-25 EPM5064DC25 EPM5064GM EPM5064IL EPM5064J EPM5064J1 EPM5064JC EPM5064JC-1 EPM5064JC1 EPM5064JC12 EPM5064JC-1-2 EPM5064JC-12 EPM5064JC1ALT EPM5064JC-1ALT EPM5064JC1RFB EPM5064JC-1RFB EPM 5064JC-2 EPM5064JC-2 EPM5064JC2 EPM5064JC-20 EPM5064JC2 EP EPM5064JC2WINDOW EPM5064JC-2WINDOW EPM5064JC-2 WINDOW EPM5064JC-3 EPM5064JC3 EPM5064JC4 EPM5064JCCY7C343 EPM5064JCRFB EPM5064JCRFBPRO EPM5064JI EPM 5064 JI EPM5064JI-1 EPM5064JI2 EPM5064JI-2 EPM5064JIPLCC EPM5064JI-PLCC EPM5064JM EPM5064JM1883B EPM5064JM883B EPM5064JS-1 EPM5064-JV-1 EPM5064JV1 EPM5064JV-2 EPM5064L1 EPM5064LC EPM5064-LC1 EPM5064LC1 EPM5064LC-1 EPM5064LC13 EPM5064LC17 EPM5064LC-1 -7 EPM5064LC1RFB EPM5064LC-1RFB EPM5064LC2 EPM-5064LC-2 EPM-5064-LC-2 EPM5064LC-2 EPM5064LC21 EPM5064LC44 EPM5064LC441 EPM5064LC44-15 EPM5064LCAF EPM5064LCLC-1 EPM5064LCLC1 EPM5064LCPROG EPM5064LCRFB EPM5064LC-Z EPM5064LI EPM5064LI2 EPM5064LIALTERA95 EPM5064N EPM5064PC-20 EPM5064PC20 EPM5064S EPM5064SC EPM50654 EPM506CJ EPM506 CJ EPM50PC2 EPM50PC-25 EPM50PC25 EPM51 EPM5103WC EPM510JC1 EPM51128JC2 EPM51128JC-2 EPM51130LC EPM512 EPM5123GC1 EPM5125LC-2 EPM5126JC EPM5127 EPM5127JC EPM5127LC2 EPM5128 EPM5128* EPM5128-1 EPM51281 EPM512828JI EPM51282C1 EPM 5128-2-JC EPM5128-2-JC EPM5128-2-JC ALTERA EPM51287C1 EPM5128A EPM5128AGC15 EPM5128AJC15 EPM5128ALC EPM5128ALC-15 EPM5128ALC15 EPM5128ALC15RFB EPM5128ALC20 EPM5128ALC-20 EPM 5128 ALC 20 EPM5128 ALTER EPM5128AM883B EPM5128BLC1 EPM5128BM883 EPM5128C EPM5128C-2 EPM5128C2 EPM5128ELC84-7 EPM5128G EPM5128GC EPM5128GC-1 EPM5128GC1 EPM5128GC12 EPM5128GC1PL10402 EPM5128GC-1-PL10402 EPM5128GC-1-SIFPAL EPM5128GC1SIFPAL EPM5128GC2 EPM5128GC-2 EPM5128GC - 2 EPM5128GC35 EPM5128GCGM EPM5128GI EPM5128GI2 EPM5128GI-2 EPM5128GI-2 PGA CER 68 EPM5128GI2PGACER68P EPM5128GI 38 ALTERA 2002 EPM5128GIALTERA96 EPM5128GM EPM5128GM1 EPM5128GM-1883B EPM5128GM1883B EPM5128GM-2883B EPM5128GM2883B 38 ALTERA 2002 EPM5128GM-35 EPM5128GM35 EPM5128GM 38 ALTERA 2002 EPM5128GM883 EPM5128GM8836 EPM5128GM883B EPM5128GM 883B EPM5128GM883B2 EPM5128GM883B-2 EPM5128GM883B-20 EPM5128GM883B-35 EPM5128GM883B35 EPM5128GM883B59628946801XC EPM5128GM883M EPM5128GS EPM5128IC-2 EPM5128J EPM5128J1 EPM5128J-1 EPM5128J2 EPM5128J-2 EPM 5128 JC EPM5128JC EPM5128J-C EPM5128JC1 EPM5128JC-1 EPM5128JC-10 EPM5128JC10 EPM5128 JC-12 EPM5128JC12 EPM5128JC-1-2 EPM5128JC-12 EPM5128JC15 EPM5128JC1PL10503 EPM5128JC-1-PL10503 EPM5128JC-1-PL10603 EPM5128JC1PL10603 EPM5128JC-1 PLC EPM5128JC-1 PLCC CER 6 EPM5128JC-1PLCCCER68P EPM5128JC1PLCCCER68P EPM5128JC-1PROG EPM5128JC1PROG EPM5128JC-1 PROGRAMED EPM5128JC-1PROGRAMED EPM5128JC1RFB EPM5128JC-1RFB EPM5128JC2 EPM5128JC-2 EPM5128JC2-01 EPM5128JC201 EPM5128JC21 EPM5128JC-2-1 EPM5128JC2ES EPM5128JC-2ES EPM5128JC2ESRFB EPM5128JC-2ESRFB EPM5128JC2PULLS EPM5128JC-2RFB EPM5128JC2RFB EPM5128JC-2U EPM5128JC-2WINDOW EPM5128JC2WINDOW EPM5128JC-2 WINDOW EPM5128JC3 EPM5128JC?55PC462-2 EPM5128JC68 EPM5128JC681 EPM5128JC68-1 EPM5128JC68-2 EPM5128JC682 EPM5128JC683 EPM5128JCCERAMIC EPM5128JCCERAMICMIRR EPM5128JC?CNSE256?X3H EPM5128JCES EPM5128JC-ES EPM5128JCG-2 EPM5128JCI EPM5128JC-I EPM5128JCJC1JC2 EPM5128JCNOS EPM5128JC NOS EPM5128JC PROG EPM5128JCPROG EPM5128JCPROGRAMMED EPM5128JC PROGRAMMED EPM5128JCRFB EPM5128JG1 EPM5128JG1PRORFB EPM5128JG-1PRORFB EPM5128JI EPM5128JI1 EPM5128JI-1 EPM5128JI-1PRORFB EPM5128JI1PRORFB EPM5128JI-2 EPM5128JI2 EPM5128JI204C03 EPM5128JI-204C03 EPM5128JI-204C15 EPM5128JI204C15 EPM5128JI2ALTERA95 EPM5128JI2RFBPRO EPM5128JI-2RFBPRO EPM5128JI-30 EPM5128JI-35 EPM5128JIRFB EPM5128JM EPM5128JM1883B EPM5128JM-1883B EPM5128JM2 EPM5128JM2883B EPM5128JM-2883B EPM5128JM883 EPM5128JM883B EPM5128JMA EPM5128L EPM5128L1 EPM5128L12 EPM5128L1-2 EPM5128LC EPM 5128 LC EPM5128-LC1 EPM5128LC1 EPM5128LC-1 EPM5128LC12 EPM5128LC15 EPM5128LC-1ALT EPM5128LC1ALT EPM5128LC-1ALTERA EPM5128LC1ALTERA EPM5128LC1ALTERACO EPM5128LC1-ALT-PLCC-DN EPM5128LC-1H EPM5128LC1H EPM5128LC-1 SOLE EPM5128LC-1SOLE EPM 5128 LC 2 EPM5128LC2 EPM5128LC-2 EPM5128LC-20 EPM5128LC20 EPM5128LC27C342 EPM5128LC-27C342 EPM5128LC-2 PGMD EPM5128LC-2PGMD EPM5128LC2PLCC EPM5128LC-2 PLCC EPM5128LC2 PLCC EPM5128LC35 EPM5128LC68-2 EPM5128LC683 EPM5128LCES EPM5128LCI EPM5128LC-INNH EPM5128LCN EPM5128LC OR JC EPM5128LCPLCC EPM5128LCRFB EPM5128LI EPM5128LI-1 EPM5128LI2 EPM5128LI-2 EPM5128LI2TSTDTS EPM5128LI68 EPM5128LM EPM5128LS2 EPM5128LS-2 EPM5128QC2 EPM5128WC1 EPM5128WINDOW EPM51291LC EPM5129GC1 EPM5129GC-1 EPM5129GM EPM5129JC1 EPM5129JC2 EPM5129JC-2 EPM512ALC20 EPM512BLC EPM512GM883 EPM512GM 883 EPM512JC EPM512JC1 EPM512JC-2 EPM512JC2 EPM512JCES EPM513 EPM5130 EPM51300C1 EPM51300C-1 EPM513035 EPM5130G EPM5130G1 EPM5130GC EPM5130GC-1 EPM5130GC1 EPM5130GC100 EPM5130GC-12 EPM5130GC12 EPM5130GC-1 2 EPM5130GC2 EPM5130GC-2 EPM5130GC-2 P EPM5130GC-2 PGA CER 10 EPM5130GC2PGACER100P EPM5130GC-2PGACER100P EPM5130GCAT EPM5130GC AT EPM5130GI EPM5130GI1 EPM5130GI2 15 ALTERA 2002 EPM5130GM EPM5130GM-1883B EPM5130GM2 EPM5130GM-2883B EPM5130GM2883B EPM5130GM883 EPM5130GM-883B EPM5130GM883B EPM5130GM883B 15 ALTERA 2002 EPM5130GM883B-2 EPM5130GM883B2 EPM5130GS EPM5130IC-35 EPM5130IC35 EPM5130J EPM 5130 JC EPM5130JC EPM5130JC-1 EPM5130JC1 EPM5130JC12 EPM5130JC1ALT EPM5130JC-1ALT EPM 5130 JC 1 PLCC EPM5130JC1PLCC EPM5130JC1RFB EPM5130JC-1RFB EPM5130JC2 EPM5130JC-2 EPM5130 JC-2 EPM5130JC2PLCC EPM 5130 JC 2 PLCC EPM5130JC841 EPM5130JC-C EPM5130JI EPM5130JI-2 EPM5130JM EPM5130JM1883B EPM5130JM-1883B EPM5130JM2 EPM5130JM2883B EPM5130JM-2883B EPM5130JM883B EPM5130LC EPM 5130LC EPM5130LC-1 EPM5130LC1 EPM 5130 LC 1 PLCC EPM5130LC1PLCC EPM5130LC-1 PROGRAMD EPM5130LC-2 EPM5130LC2 EPM5130LC35 EPM5130LC35NS EPM5130LC84 EPM5130LC841 EPM5130LCAB EPM5130LCEL430 EPM5130 LCJ EPM5130LCJ EPM5130LC NO WINDOW EPM5130LCPRO EPM5130LI EPM5130LI-2 EPM5130LI2 EPM5130LIU EPM5130OTP EPM5130Q32 EPM5130QC EPM5130QC1 EPM5130QC-1 EPM5130QC10 EPM5130QC-10 EPM5130QC100 EPM5130QC1001 EPM5130QC100-1 EPM5130QC1002 EPM5130QC100-2 EPM5130QC101 EPM5130QC1-01 EPM5130QC2 EPM5130QC-2 EPM5130QC35NS EPM5130QCEPLDPO385AO EPM5130QI EPM5130QI1 EPM5130QI12 EPM5130QI-1-2 EPM5130WC EPM5130WC1 EPM5130WC-1 EPM5130WC1AA EPM5130WC-1AA EPM5130WC2 EPM5130WC-2 EPM5130WM EPM5130WM883B EPM5130WM883B1 EPM5130WM883B-1 EPM5130WM883B-2 EPM5130WM883B2 EPM5130WM883B-2182 EPM5130WM883B2182 EPM5130WM883B2 59629314402MXA EPM5131LC-1 EPM5131LC1 EPM5138 EPM5138GI EPM513OGC EPM513OGC1 EPM513OGC2 EPM513OJC EPM513OJC2 EPM513OLC EPM513OLC-1 EPM513OLC1 EPM513OLC84 EPM513OQC EPM513OQC1 EPM513OQC1O EPM513OQC1OO1 EPM516DC-15 EPM5178JC EPM5180JC2 EPM5180JC-2 EPM5182JC EPM519 EPM5190JC1 EPM5190JC-1 EPM5191JC-2 EPM5191JC2 EPM5192 EPM5192* EPM51921C1 EPM51921C1RFB EPM51921C-1RFB EPM51921LC EPM51921LC1 EPM51921LC-1 EPM5192-25 EPM5192-25 MAX EPLD 25 EPM5192AGC20 EPM5192AGC8420 EPM5192AJI8415 EPM5192AJM8420 EPM5192ALI8415 EPM5192ALM8420 EPM5192AQC10015 EPM5192AQI10015 EPM5192AQM10020 EPM5192C2 EPM5192DC-25 EPM5192DC25 EPM5192FC EPM5192GC EPM 5192 GC EPM5192GC-1 EPM5192GC1 EPM5192GC-12 EPM5192GC12 EPM5192GC15 EPM5192GC1ES EPM5192GC-1ES EPM5192GC2 EPM5192GC-2 EPM5192GC20 EPM5192GC-20 EPM5192GC84 EPM5192GI EPM5192GI2 EPM5192GI 6 ALTERA 199632 EPM5192GM EPM5192GM1 EPM5192GM-1883B EPM5192GM-2883B EPM5192GM2883B EPM5192GM2883B 55 ALTERA 2002 EPM5192GM883 EPM5192GM883B EPM5192GM883B-2 EPM5192GM 883B-2 EPM5192GM883B2 EPM5192GM883B30 EPM5192GM883B 5962-920 EPM5192GM883B596292062 EPM5192J EPM5192 JC EPM5192JC EPM5192JC-1 EPM 5192 JC 1 EPM5192JC1 EPM5192JC-12 EPM5192JC12 EPM5192JC-1-2 EPM5192JC-1?6 EPM5192JC1ES EPM5192JC-1 P EPM5192JC1PLCC EPM5192JC-1PLCC EPM5192JC-1 PLCC CER 8 EPM5192JC-1PLCCCER84P EPM5192JC1PLCCCER84P EPM5192JC-1RFB EPM5192JC1RFB EPM5192JC-2 EPM5192JC2 EPM5192JC2ES EPM5192JC2RFB EPM5192JC-2RFB EPM5192JC68 EPM5192JC68PLCC EPM5192JC84?46GMHZ EPM5192JC84?6D20882 EPM5192JCJC1 EPM5192JI EPM5192JI1 EPM5192JL1 EPM5192JL-1 EPM5192JM EPM5192JM1883B EPM5192JM-1883B EPM5192JM2883B EPM5192JM-2883B EPM5192JM883B EPM5192L1 EPM5192LC EPM5192LC1 EPM5192LC-1 EPM5192LC1-01 EPM5192LC101 EPM5192LC-1ALT EPM5192LC1ALT EPM5192LC1-ALT-PLCC-DN EPM5192LC1PRO EPM5192LC-1RFB EPM5192LC1RFB EPM5192LC2 EPM5192LC-2 EPM5192LC2RFB EPM5192LC-2RFB EPM5192LC842 EPM5192LCALTERA EPM5192LCJ EPM5192 LCJ EPM5192LC-M089A EPM5192LC-M091A EPM5192LCMO89A EPM5192LCMO91A EPM5192LCPLCC EPM 5192 LC-PLCC EPM5192LC-PLCC EPM5192LCRFB EPM5192LI EPM5192LI1 EPM5192LM EPM5192QC2 EPM5192WC EPM5192WI EPM5197JC-1 EPM519958C09 EPM519E-20J EPM519E20J EPM519GC-1 EPM 5200P EPM5200P EPM5218* EPM5218 EPM5218JC EPM5218JC1 EPM5230GC-1 EPM5232LC17 EPM5302DC EPM5302DC20 EPM5302DC-20 EPM5302DC-25 EPM5308EKTB EPM5310GC-1 EPM531OGC EPM531OGC1 EPM531OGC2 EPM53215LM EPM53O2DC25 EPM53O2DC2O EPM54128LC EPM55032DI EPM5604JC1 EPM5604JC-1 EPM5632LI25 EPM5632LI-25 EPM564LC EPM570 EPM570F100C3 EPM570F100C4N EPM570F100C5N EPM570F100C5NAA EPM570F100I3 EPM570F100I5 EPM570F100I5N EPM570F25615 EPM570F256C3 EPM570F256C3N EPM570F256C3NLF EPM570F256C4 EPM570F256C4N EPM570F256C4NLF EPM570F256C5 EPM570F256C5IN EPM570F256C5N EPM570F256C5NLF EPM570F256C5NN EPM570F256C5NRR EPM570F256C5RR EPM570F256I3N EPM570F256I4 EPM570F256I5 EPM570F256I5N EPM570F256I5N780 EPM570F256I5NLF EPM570GF100C5N EPM570GF100I5N EPM570GF256C3 EPM570GF256C3N EPM570GF256C3NLF EPM570GF256C4 EPM570GF256C4302 EPM570GF256C4N EPM570GF256C4NLF EPM570GF256C5 EPM570GF256C5N EPM570GF256C5N796 EPM570GF256C5NLF EPM570GF256I4 EPM570GF256I5 EPM570GF256I5N EPM570GM100C5N EPM570GM100C5N28 EPM570GM100I5N EPM570GM256C5N EPM570GM256I5N EPM570GT100 EPM570GT10015N EPM570GT100C3 EPM570GT100C3N EPM570GT100C3NLF EPM570GT100C4 EPM570GT100C4N EPM570GT100C4N623 EPM570GT100C4NLF EPM570GT100C5 EPM570GT100C5N EPM570GT100C5NLF EPM570GT100I3N EPM570GT100I5 EPM570GT100I5N EPM570GT100I5NRR EPM570GT100I5RR EPM570GT144 EPM570GT144C3 EPM570GT144C3N EPM570GT144C3N472 EPM570GT144C3NLF EPM570GT144C4 EPM570GT144C4N EPM570GT144C4NLF EPM570GT144C5 EPM570GT144C5N EPM570GT144C5NLF EPM570GT144I3N EPM570GT144I5 EPM570GT144I5N EPM570GTI144I5 EPM570M100C4N EPM570M100C4N139 EPM570M100C5N EPM570M100I5 EPM570M100I5N EPM570M256C4N EPM570M256C5N EPM570M256C5N353 EPM570M256I5N EPM570 T100 EPM570T100A5N EPM570T100C3 EPM570T100C3N EPM570T100C3NLF ,EPM570T100C4 EPM570T100C4N EPM570T100C4NLF EPM570T100C4NPROG EPM570T100C5 EPM570T100C5N EPM570T100C5NLF EPM570T100C5NRR EPM570T100C5RR EPM570T100I3 EPM570T100I5 EPM570T100I5N EPM570T100I5RR EPM570T14415N EPM570T144A5N EPM570T144C3 EPM570T144C3486 EPM570T144C3N EPM570T144C3NLF EPM570T144C3NRR EPM570T144C4 EPM570T144C4N EPM570T144C4NLF EPM570T144C5 EPM570T144C5N EPM570T144C5NN EPM570T144C5NRR EPM570T144C5RR EPM570T144I3 EPM570T144I4N EPM570T144I5 EPM570T144I5N EPM570TC100C5 EPM570ZM100C6N EPM570ZM100C7N EPM570ZM100I8N EPM570ZM144C6N EPM570ZM144C7N EPM570ZM144I8N EPM570ZM256C6N EPM570ZM256C7N EPM570ZM256I8N EPM57OT100C5 EPM5821JC2 EPM592LC-1 EPM5O16DC1 EPM5O16DC15 EPM5O16LC17 EPM5O16PC15 EPM5O16SC17 EPM5O32 EPM5O3225PC EPM5O32DC EPM5O32DC1 EPM5O32DC15 EPM5O32DC17 EPM5O32DC2 EPM5O32DC25 EPM5O32DC2O EPM5O32DC2O25 EPM5O32DC3O EPM5O32DI EPM5O32DI25 EPM5O32DM883B EPM5O32I25 EPM5O32JC15 EPM5O32JC2O EPM5O32LC15 EPM5O32LC17 EPM5O32LC25 EPM5O32LC2O EPM5O32LC4415 EPM5O32LI15 EPM5O64DC25 EPM5O64IL EPM5O64JC EPM5O64JC1 EPM5O64JC12 EPM5O64JC2 EPM5O64JC3 EPM5O64JCCY7C343 EPM5O64LC EPM5O64LC1...

  • EPM7xx series mcu unlock: EPM7064SLC44-5 EPM7064SLC44-5N EPM7064SLC44-6 EPM7064SLC44-7 EPM7064SLC44-7N EPM7064SLC44-10 EPM7064SLC44-10N EPM7064SLC84-5 EPM7064SLC84-5N EPM7064SLC84-6 EPM7064SLC84-7 EPM7064SLC84-7N EPM7064SLC84-10 EPM7064SLC84-10N EPM7064SLI44-7 EPM7064SLI44-7N EPM7064SLI84-7 EPM7064STC44-5 EPM7064STC44-5N EPM7064STC44-6 EPM7064STC44-6N EPM7064STC44-7 EPM7064STC44-7N EPM7064STC44-10 EPM7064STC44-10F EPM7064STC44-10FN EPM7064STC44-10N EPM7064STC100-5 EPM7064STC100-5N EPM7064STC100-6 EPM7064STC100-7 EPM7064STC100-7N EPM7064STC100-10 EPM7064STC100-10F EPM7064STC100-10FN EPM7064STC100-10N EPM7064STI44-7 EPM7064STI44-7N EPM7064STI100-7 EPM7064STI100-7N EPM7064LC44-7 EPM7064LC44-10 EPM7064LC44-12 EPM7064LC44-15 EPM7064LC68-7 EPM7064LC68-10 EPM7064LC68-12 EPM7064LC68-15 EPM7064LC84-7 EPM7064LC84-10 EPM7064LC84-12 EPM7064LC84-15 EPM7064LI44-15 EPM7064LI68-15 EPM7064LI84-15 EPM7064QC100-7 EPM7064QC100-10 EPM7064QC100-12 EPM7064QC100-15 EPM7064QI100-15 EPM7064TC44-7 EPM7064TC44-15 EPM7128SLC84-6 EPM7128SLC84-6N EPM7128SLC84-7 EPM7128SLC84-7N EPM7128SLC84-10 EPM7128SLC84-10N EPM7128SLC84-15 EPM7128SLC84-15N EPM7128SLI84-10 EPM7128SLI84-10N EPM7128SQC100-6 EPM7128SQC100-6N EPM7128SQC100-7 EPM7128SQC100-7F EPM7128SQC100-7FN EPM7128SQC100-7N EPM7128SQC100-10 EPM7128SQC100-10F EPM7128SQC100-10N EPM7128SQC100-15 EPM7128SQC100-15F EPM7128SQC100-15FN EPM7128SQC100-15N EPM7128SQC160-6 EPM7128SQC160-6N EPM7128SQC160-7 EPM7128SQC160-7N EPM7128SQC160-10 EPM7128SQC160-10N EPM7128SQC160-15 EPM7128SQC160-15N EPM7128SQI100-10 EPM7128SQI100-10N EPM7128SQI160-10 EPM7128SQI160-10N EPM7128STC100-6 EPM7128STC100-6N EPM7128STC100-7 EPM7128STC100-7F EPM7128STC100-7N EPM7128STC100-10 EPM7128STC100-10F EPM7128STC100-10N EPM7128STC100-15 EPM7128STC100-15N EPM7128STI100-10 EPM7128STI100-10N EPM7128ELC84-7 EPM7128ELC84-10 EPM7128ELC84-12 EPM7128ELC84-15 EPM7128ELC84-20 EPM7128ELI84-20 EPM7128EQC100-7 EPM7128EQC100-10 EPM7128EQC100-12 EPM7128EQC100-15 EPM7128EQC100-20 EPM7128EQC160-7 EPM7128EQC160-10 EPM7128EQC160-12 EPM7128EQC160-15 EPM7128EQC160-20 EPM7128EQI100-15 EPM7128EQI100-20 EPM7160ELC84-10 EPM7160ELC84-12 EPM7160ELC84-15 EPM7160ELC84-20 EPM7160ELI84-20 EPM7160EQC100-10 EPM7160EQC100-12 EPM7160EQC100-15 EPM7160EQC100-20 EPM7160EQC160-10 EPM7160EQC160-12 EPM7160EQC160-15 EPM7160EQC160-20 EPM7160EQI100-15 EPM7160EQI160-15 EPM7160SLC84-6 EPM7160SLC84-7 EPM7160SLC84-10 EPM7160SLC84-10N EPM7160SLI84-10 EPM7160SQC160-6 EPM7160SQC160-7 EPM7160SQC160-10 EPM7160SQC160-10N EPM7160STC100-6 EPM7160STC100-6N EPM7160STC100-7 EPM7160STC100-7N EPM7160STC100-10 EPM7160STC100-10N EPM7160STI100-10 EPM7160STI100-10N EPM7192SQC160-7 EPM7192SQC160-7N EPM7192SQC160-10 EPM7192SQC160-10N EPM7192SQC160-15 EPM7192SQC160-15N EPM7192SQI160-10 EPM7192SQI160-10N EPM7192EGC160-12 EPM7192EGC160-15 EPM7192EGC160-20 EPM7192EGI160-20 EPM7192EQC160-12 EPM7192EQC160-15 EPM7192EQC160-20 EPM7192EQI160-20 EPM7256SQC208-7 EPM7256SQC208-7N EPM7256SQC208-10 EPM7256SQC208-10N EPM7256SQC208-15 EPM7256SQC208-15N EPM7256SRC208-7 EPM7256SRC208-7N EPM7256SRC208-10 EPM7256SRC208-10N EPM7256SRC208-15 EPM7256SRC208-15N EPM7256SRI208-10 EPM7256SRI208-10N EPM7256EGC192-12 EPM7256EGC192-15 EPM7256EGC192-20 EPM7256EGI192-20 EPM7256EQC160-12 EPM7256EQC160-15 EPM7256EQC160-20 EPM7256ERC208-12 EPM7256ERC208-15 EPM7256ERC208-20 EPM7256ERI208-20 EPM7032AELC44-4 EPM7032AELC44-4N EPM7032AELC44-7 EPM7032AELC44-7N EPM7032AELC44-10 EPM7032AELC44-10N EPM7032AETC44-4 EPM7032AETC44-4N EPM7032AETC44-7 EPM7032AETC44-7N EPM7032AETC44-10 EPM7032AETC44-10N EPM7032AETI44-7 EPM7032AETI44-7N EPM7064AEFC100-4 EPM7064AEFC100-7 EPM7064AEFC100-7N EPM7064AEFC100-10 EPM7064AEFC100-10N EPM7064AELC44-4 EPM7064AELC44-7 EPM7064AELC44-10 EPM7064AELI44-7 EPM7064AELI44-7N EPM7064AETC44-4 EPM7064AETC44-4N EPM7064AETC44-7 EPM7064AETC44-7N EPM7064AETC44-10 EPM7064AETC44-10N EPM7064AETC100-4 EPM7064AETC100-4N EPM7064AETC100-7 EPM7064AETC100-7N EPM7064AETC100-10 EPM7064AETC100-10N EPM7064AETI44-7 EPM7064AETI44-7N EPM7064AETI100-7 EPM7064AETI100-7N EPM7128AEFC100-5 EPM7128AEFC100-5N EPM7128AEFC100-7 EPM7128AEFC100-7N EPM7128AEFC100-10 EPM7128AEFC100-10N EPM7128AEFC256-5 EPM7128AEFC256-7 EPM7128AEFC256-10 EPM7128AEFI100-7 EPM7128AELC84-5 EPM7128AELC84-7 EPM7128AELC84-10 EPM7128AELC84-10N EPM7128AETC100-5 EPM7128AETC100-5N EPM7128AETC100-7 EPM7128AETC100-7N EPM7128AETC100-10 EPM7128AETC100-10N EPM7128AETC144-5 EPM7128AETC144-5N EPM7128AETC144-7 EPM7128AETC144-7N EPM7128AETC144-10 EPM7128AETC144-10N EPM7128AETI100-7 EPM7128AETI100-7N EPM7128AETI144-7 EPM7128AETI144-7N EPM7256AEFC100-5 EPM7256AEFC100-7 EPM7256AEFC100-7N EPM7256AEFC100-10 EPM7256AEFC100-10N EPM7256AEFC256-5 EPM7256AEFC256-5N EPM7256AEFC256-7 EPM7256AEFC256-7N EPM7256AEFC256-10 EPM7256AEFC256-10N EPM7256AEFI100-7 EPM7256AEFI100-7N EPM7256AEFI256-7 EPM7256AEFI256-7N EPM7256AEQC208-5 EPM7256AEQC208-5N EPM7256AEQC208-7 EPM7256AEQC208-7N EPM7256AEQC208-10 EPM7256AEQC208-10N EPM7256AEQI208-7 EPM7256AEQI208-7N EPM7256AETC100-5 EPM7256AETC100-5N EPM7256AETC100-7 EPM7256AETC100-7N EPM7256AETC100-10 EPM7256AETC100-10N EPM7256AETC144-5 EPM7256AETC144-5N EPM7256AETC144-7 EPM7256AETC144-7N EPM7256AETC144-10 EPM7256AETC144-10N EPM7256AETI100-7 EPM7256AETI100-7N EPM7256AETI144-7 EPM7256AETI144-7N EPM7512AEBC256-7 EPM7512AEBC256-10 EPM7512AEBC256-10N EPM7512AEBC256-12 EPM7512AEBI256-7 EPM7512AEBI256-10 EPM7512AEFC256-7 EPM7512AEFC256-7N EPM7512AEFC256-10 EPM7512AEFC256-10N EPM7512AEFC256-12 EPM7512AEFC256-12N EPM7512AEFI256-10 EPM7512AEFI256-10N EPM7512AEQC208-7 EPM7512AEQC208-7N EPM7512AEQC208-10 EPM7512AEQC208-10N EPM7512AEQC208-12 EPM7512AEQC208-12N EPM7512AEQI208-10 EPM7512AEQI208-10N EPM7512AETC144-7 EPM7512AETC144-7N EPM7512AETC144-10 EPM7512AETC144-10N EPM7512AETC144-12 EPM7512AETC144-12N MAX EPM7032BUC49-3N EPM7064BFC100-3 EPM7064BFC100-3N EPM7064BFC100-5 EPM7064BFC100-7 EPM7064BTC44-3 EPM7064BTC44-3N EPM7064BTC44-5 EPM7064BTC44-7 EPM7064BTC44-7N EPM7064BTC100-3 EPM7064BTC100-3N EPM7064BTC100-5 EPM7064BTC100-5N EPM7064BTC100-7 EPM7064BTI44-5 EPM7128BFC100-4 EPM7128BFC100-4N EPM7128BFC100-7 EPM7128BFC100-10 EPM7128BFC100-10N EPM7128BFC256-4 EPM7128BFC256-7 EPM7128BFC256-10 EPM7128BFI100-7 EPM7128BFI256-7 EPM7128BTC100-4 EPM7128BTC100-4N EPM7128BTC100-7 EPM7128BTC100-7N EPM7128BTC100-10 EPM7128BTC144-4 EPM7128BTC144-7 EPM7128BTC144-10 EPM7128BTC144-10N EPM7256BFC256-5 EPM7256BFC256-7 EPM7256BFC256-7N EPM7256BFC256-10 EPM7256BFC256-10N EPM7256BFI256-7 EPM7256BQC208-5 EPM7256BQC208-7 EPM7256BQC208-10 EPM7256BTC100-5 EPM7256BTC100-5N EPM7256BTC100-7 EPM7256BTC100-7N EPM7256BTC100-10 EPM7256BTC100-10N EPM7256BTC144-5 EPM7256BTC144-5N EPM7256BTC144-7 EPM7256BTC144-7N EPM7256BTC144-10 EPM7256BTC144-10N EPM7256BTI100-7N EPM7256BUC169-5 EPM7256BUC169-7 EPM7256BUC169-7N EPM7256BUC169-10 EPM7256BUC169-10N EPM7512BBC256-5 EPM7512BBC256-7 EPM7512BBC256-10 EPM7512BFC256-5 EPM7512BFC256-5N EPM7512BFC256-7 EPM7512BFC256-7N EPM7512BFC256-10 EPM7512BFI256-7 EPM7512BQC208-5 EPM7512BQC208-7 EPM7512BQC208-10 EPM7512BTC144-5 EPM7512BTC144-7 EPM7512BTC144-10 EPM7512BUC169-5 EPM7512BUC169-7 EPM7512BUC169-7N EPM7512BUC169-10 ...

  • EPM9xx series mcu attack: EPM9480 EPM9400 EPM9320 EPM9560 EPM9320BC356-20 EPM9560BC356-15 EPM9560BC356-20 EPM9320GC280-15 EPM9320GC280-20 EPM9320ARI208-10 EPM9400RC208-20 EPM9320ALC84-10 EPM9400LC84-20 EPM9560GC280-15 EPM9560GC280-20 EPM9560RI208-20 EPM9400RC240-15 EPM9480RC240-15 EPM9480RC240-20 EPM9560RC304-20 EPM9320RC208-15C EPM9480RC208-15C EPM9320RC208-20C EPM9400RC208-20C EPM9560RC208-20C EPM9400RC240-15C EPM9480RC240-15C EPM9480RC240-20C EPM9560RC240-15C EPM9560RC240-20C EPM9560RI240-20C EPM9560RC304-15C EPM9560RI304-20C EPM9560RI304-20 EPM9320ABC356-10 EPM9320ALI84-10 EPM9320BC356-15 EPM9320RC208-20 EPM9400LC84-15 EPM9400RC208-15C EPM9400RC208-15 EPM9400RC240-20C EPM9480RC208-20C EPM9480RC208-20 EPM9560RC208-15C EPM9560RC208-20 EPM9560RC304-15 EPM9560RC304-20C EPM9320RC208-15F EPM9560ARC304-10F EPM9560RC304-15F EPM9560WC208-15 EPM9560WC208-20C EPM9560WC208-20 EPM9560RC208-15N EPM9560RI208-20N EPM9320RI208-20N EPM9400RC208-15N EPM9400RC208-20N EPM9400RC240-20N EPM9320ALC84-10N EPM9320ALI84-10N EPM9320ARC208-10N EPM9320ARI208-10N EPM9320RC208-15N EPM9320RC208-20N EPM9320RI208-20C EPM9320RC208-15 EPM9480RC208-15 EPM9560WC208-15C EPM9320LC84-20H EPM9400RC240-15N EPM9560RC208-20N EPM9320ARC208-10 EPM9320RI208-20 EPM9400RC240-20 EPM9560RC208-15 EPM9320LC84-15 EPM9320LI84-20 EPM9560ARC208-10 EPM9560ARI208-10 EPM9320LC84-20 EPM9560ARC240-10 EPM9560ARI240-10 EPM9560RI240-20 EPM9560ARC240-10N EPM9560ARI208-10N EPM9560ARI240-10N EPM9560RC240-15N EPM9560RC240-20N EPM9560RI240-20N EPM9560ABC356-10N EPM9560ARC208-10N EPM9320LC84-15N EPM9320LI84-20N EPM9320LC84-20N EPM9560ABC356-10 EPM9560RC240-15 EPM9560RC240-20 ...
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