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Common Microcontroller Brands
  • AMCC

    Until May 2004, these µCs were developed and marketed by IBM, whose 4xx family was sold to Applied Micro Circuits Corporation.

    PowerPC 403
    PPC 403GCX
    PowerPC 405
    PPC 405EP
    PPC 405GP/CR
    PPC 405GPr
    PPC NPe405H/L
    PowerPC 440
    PPC 440GP
    PPC 440GX
    PPC 440EP/EPx/GRx
    PPC 440SP/SPe


    Nios II 32-bit configurable soft microprocessor
    Nios 16-bit configurable soft processor
    Analog Devices Blackfin
    Super Harvard Architecture Single-Chip Computer (SHARC)
    ADSP-21xx digital signal processor
    MicroConverter Family - ARM7 and 8052 cores



    Atmel ATmega169 (64-pin MLF).AT89 series (Intel 8051 architecture)
    AT90, ATtiny, ATmega, ATxmega series (AVR architecture) (Atmel Norway design)
    AT91SAM (ARM architecture)
    AVR32 (32-bit AVR architecture) (Atmel Norway design)
    Cypress Semiconductor
    Cypress PsoC chipsCY8C2xxxx (PSoC1) CPU M8C
    CY8C3xxxx (PSoC3) CPU 8051
    CY8C5xxxx (PSoC5) CPU ARM Cortex-M3
    Psoc (Programmable system on CHIP)

    Dallas Semiconductor

    8051 Family
    MAXQ RISC Family
    Secure Micros Family


    ELAN Microelectronics Corp.

    ELAN Microelectronics Corporation is an IC designer and provider of 8-bit microcontrollers and PC Peripheral ICs. Headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, ELAN's microcontroller product range includes the following:

    EM78PXXX Low Pin-Count MCU Family
    EM78PXXX GPIO Type MCU Family
    EM78PXXXN ADC Type MCU Family
    These are clones of the 12- and 14-bit Microchip PIC line of processors, but with a 13-bit instruction word.

    Energy Micro

    Energy Micro provides low energy 32-bit microcontrollers using an ARM Cortex-M based processors. The semiconductor company is situated in Oslo, Norway.

    ARM Cortex-M0
    EFM32 Zero
    ARM Cortex-M3
    EFM32 Tiny, Gecko, Leopard, Giant
    ARM Cortex-M4
    EFM32 Wonder
    EPSON Semiconductor 4-bit
    S1C6x family
    S1C88 family
    S1C17 family
    S1C33 family


    Freescale Semiconductor

    Until 2004, these µCs were developed and marketed by Motorola, whose semiconductor division was spun off to establish Freescale.

    68HC05 (CPU05)
    68HC08 (CPU08)
    68HC11 (CPU11)
    68HC12 (CPU12)
    68HC16 (CPU16)
    Freescale DSP56800 (DSPcontroller)
    Freescale 683XX
    MCF5xxx (Freescale Coldfire)
    MPC 860 (PowerQUICC)
    MPC 8240/8250 (PowerQUICC II)
    MPC 8540/8555/8560 (PowerQUICC III)



    F²MC Family (8/16-bit)
    FR Family (32-bit)
    FR-V Family (32-bit RISC)
    Holtek Holtek Semiconductor is a major Taiwan-based designer of 32-bit microcontrollers, 8-bit microcontrollers and peripheral products. Microcontroller products are centred around an ARM core in the case of 32-bit products and 8051 based core and Holtek's own core in the case of 8-bit products. Located in the Hsinchu Science Park ([1]), the company's product range includes the following microcontroller device series:

    HT32FXX 32-bit ARM core microcontroller series
    HT85FXX 8051 Core based microcontroller series
    HT48FXX Flash I/O type series
    HT48RXX I/O type series
    HT46RXX A/D type series
    HT49RXX LCD type series
    HT82XX Computer Peripheral series
    HT95XX Telecom Peripheral series
    HT68FXX I/O Type Flash series
    HT66FXX A/D Type Flash series



    Infineon offers microcontrollers for the automotive, industrial and multimarket industry. DAVE3 a component based auto code generation free tool provides faster development of complex embedded projects.

    XC800 family Based on the 8051 architecture the XC800 is divided into the A-(Automotive) and I-(Industrial) Family, providing low cost mircos, for example applied in applications like body, safety, motor control, intelligent lighting and electro mobility
    XE166 family, a Real Time Signal Controller applied in industrial applications
    XC 2000 family, designed for Automotive applications
    C166 family
    C167 family
    Infineon XMC4000 [2] is an ARM Cortex M4F based microcontroller family for industrial applications.
    TriCore™ family is based on a unified RISC/MCU/DSP processor core. Infineon launched the first generation of AUDO (Automotive unified processor) in 1999. The TC1782 is the first member of the AUDO MAX family designed for automotive applications
    Infineon XMC1000 [3] is a 32-bit Industrial Microcontroller ARM® Cortex™-M0, 32 MHz.
    Intel → See main article

    MCS-48 8048 family – also incl. 8035, 8038, 8039, 8040, 8X42, 8X49, 8050; X=0 or 7
    MCS-51 8051 family – also incl. 8X31, 8X32, 8X52; X=0, 3, 7 or 9
    MCS-151 High performance 8051 instruction set/binary compatible family
    MCS-251 32-bit ALU with 1/8/16/32-bit CISC instruction set and 24-bit external address space (16-bit wide segmented). Fully binary compatible to the 8051 8-bit family.
    MCS-96 (8096 family – also incl. 8061)
    Intel MCS-296
    X On Chip Code Memory
    0 No on chip memory
    3 OTP
    7 EEPROM
    9 Flash

    Lattice Semiconductor

    Mico8 8-bit soft microprocessor
    Mico32 32-bit soft microprocessor
    Maxim Integrated 8051 (accelerated core) (product line from Dallas Semiconductor acquisition)
    ARM 922T
    MIPS 4kSD

    Microchip Technology

    Microchip produces microcontrollers with 3 very different architectures:

    8-bit (8-bit data bus) PICmicro, with a single accumulator (8 bits):

    PIC10 and PIC12: 12-bit instruction words
    PIC16 series: 14-bit instruction words, one address pointer ("indirect register pair")
    PIC16F628 (Replacement for very popular but discontinued PIC16F84)
    PIC18 series: 16-bit instruction words, three address pointers ("indirect register pairs")
    16-bit (16-bit data bus) microcontrollers, with 16 general-purpose registers (each 16-bit)

    PIC24: 24-bit instruction words
    dsPIC: based on PIC24, plus DSP functions, such as a single-cycle MAC (multiply–accumulate) into two 40-bit accumulators.
    32-bit (32-bit data bus) microcontrollers:

    PIC32MX series: 32-bit instructions, uses the MIPS architecture
    National Semiconductor COP400 (4-bit)
    NEC MPD78C14
    Panasonic AM1 (MN101)
    AM2 (MN102)
    AM3 (MN103)


    These were formerly made by Ubicom, former Scenix Semiconductor. The SX die has been discontinued by Ubicom. Parallax has accumulated a large stock of the dies and is managing the packaging.
    SX-18, 20, 28, 48 and 52 versions (Note that the SX-18 and SX-52 have been discontinued)
    Parallax's SX series is an 8-bit microcontroller which has unusually high speed, up to 75 MHz (75 MIPS), and a high degree of flexibility. Andre LaMothe has shown that the SX-52 can be overclocked to 80 MHz (80 MIPS); 5 MHz above the rated clock speed. He has used the SX-52 in thousands of XGameStation development computers all running at 80 MHz. Some users have referred to these microcontrollers as PICs on steroids. While Parallax's SX micros are limited in variety, their high speed and additional resources allow programmers to create 'virtual devices', including complete video controllers, as required. Refer to Parallax's Web site for information, as they are the sole distributor of these devices.
    The Propeller is a 8-core 32-bit microcontroller with 32 kB internal RAM.
    NXP Semiconductors 8-bit
    LPC700, LPC900 series are 80C51-based
    LPC2100, LPC2200, LPC2300, LPC2400 series
    LPC2900, LPC3100, LPC3200 series
    ARM Cortex-M0
    LPC1100, LPC1200 series
    ARM Cortex-M0+
    LPC800 series
    ARM Cortex-M3
    LPC1300, LPC1700, LPC1800 series
    ARM Cortex-M4
    LPC4000, LPC4300 series
    Rabbit Semiconductor Rabbit 2000
    Rabbit 3000
    Rabbit 4000
    Renesas Electronics Renesas is a joint venture comprising the semiconductor businesses of Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and NEC Electronics, creating the largest microcontroller manufacturer in the world.

    4-bit microcontrollers
    8-bit microcontrollers
    16-bit microcontrollers
    32-bit microcontrollers
    Rockwell Rockwell semiconductors (now called Conexant) created a line of 6502 based microcontrollers that were fib聚焦离子束价格 used with their telecom (modem) chips. Most of their microcontrollers were packaged in a QIP package.

    Silicon Laboratories Manufactures a line of 8-bit 8051-compatible microcontrollers, notable for high speeds (50–100 MIPS) and large memories in relatively small package sizes. A free IDE is available that supports the USB-connected ToolStick line of modular prototyping boards. These microcontrollers were originally developed by Cygnal. In 2012, the company introduced ARM-based mixed-signal MCUs with very low power and USB options, supported by free Eclipse-based tools.

    QFN11 package (3×3 mm), 25 MIPS, 8 kB flash memory, 256B RAM, 8 I/O, UART, SMBus, 3 timers, 8-bit 8 ch 500 kbs ADC, temperature sensor, Comparator.
    TQFP100 package, 128k Flash, 8448B RAM, 64 I/O, 2 UARTS, SMBus, SPI, 5 timers, 12-bit 8ch ADC, 8-bit 8ch ADC, 12-bit 2ch DAC, temperature sensor, 2 comparators, 16×16 MAC.
    SiM3C1xx 32-bit Microcontrollers
    32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, 80 MHz maximum system clock, 32–256 kB Flash and 8–32 kB SRAM
    Silicon Motion SM2XX - Flash memory card controllers
    SM321 - USB 2.0
    SM323 - USB 2.0
    SM323E - USB 2.0
    Silicon Motion's SM321E and SM324 controllers support SLC and MLC NAND flash from Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba and ST Micro as well as flash products from Renesas, Infineon and Micron. The SM321E is available in a 48-pin LQFP package and a 44-pin LGA package. The SM321E supports up to 4 SLC or MLC NAND flash chips with 4 bytes / 528 bytes ECC
    SM324 - USB 2.0
    Supports dual-channel data transfer at read speeds of 233× (35 MB/s) and write speeds of 160× (24 MB/s), making it the fastest USB 2.0 flash disk controller in the market. The SM324 also has serial peripheral interface (SPI) which allows for not only Master and Slave modes, but the flexibility to develop more functionality into USB flash disk (UFD) products such as GPS, fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth and memory-capacity display. The SM324 is available in a 64-pin LQFP package. The SM324 supports 8 SLC or MLC NAND flash chips with 4 bytes / 528 bytes ECC.
    SM325 - USB 2.0
    SM330 - USB 2.0
    SM501, SM502 - Mobile Graphics
    SM712 - Mobile Graphics
    SM722 - Mobile Graphics
    SM340 - MP3/JPEG
    SM350 - MP3/JPEG
    SM370 - Image processing
    Sony SPC700 series
    SPC900 series
    SPC970 series
    SR11 series
    STMicroelectronics 8-bit
    STM8 (STM8 Website), (STM8 Information).
    μPSD (8032)
    STR9 (ARM966E-S)
    ARM Cortex-M0
    STM32 F0
    ARM Cortex-M3
    STM32 F1, F2, L1, W
    ARM Cortex-M4
    STM32 F4
    Texas Instruments 8-bit
    TMS320 (DSP)
    Stellaris (ARM Cortex-M3)
    Tiva™ C Series
    Hercules - TMS570 (ARM Cortex-R4), fib focused ion beam circuit edit TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3, RM4 ARM Cortex-R4
    The Stellaris and Tiva families, in particular, provide a high level of community-based, open source support through the TI e2e forums.[1][2]

    Toshiba TLCS-47 (4-bit)
    TLCS-870 (8-bit CISC)
    TLCS-900 (16 and 32-bit CISC)
    TX19A (32-bit RISC)
    Ubicom IP2022
    Ubicom's IP2022 is a high performance (120 MIPS) 8-bit microcontroller. Features include: 64k flash code memory, 16 kB PRAM (fast code and packet buffering), 4 kB data memory, 8-channel A/D, various timers, and on-chip support for Ethernet, USB, UART, SPI and GPSI interfaces.
    IP3022 is Ubicom's latest high performance 32bit processor running at 250 MHz featuring 8 hardware threads (barrel processor). It is specifically targeted at Wireless Routers.
    Xemics XE8000 8-bit microcontroller family
    Xilinx Microblaze 32-bit soft microprocessor
    Picoblaze 8-bit soft microprocessor
    XMOS XCore XS1 32-bit, Multicore Microcontrollers
    ZiLOG Zilog's (primary) microcontroller families, in chronological order:

    Zilog Z8 - 8-bit Harvard architecture ROM / EPROM / OTP microcontroller with on-chip SRAM.
    Zilog Z180 - Z80 based microcontroller; on-chip peripherals; external memory; 1 MB address space.
    Zilog eZ8 - Better pipelined Z8 (2–3 times as clock cycle efficient as original Z8) with on-chip flash memory and SRAM.
    Zilog eZ80 - Fast 8/16/24-bit Z80 (3–4 times as cycle efficient as original Z80) with flash, SRAM, peripherals; linear addressing of 16 MB.
    Zilog Z16 - Fast 8/16/32-bit CPU with compact object code; 16 MB (4 GB possible) addressing range; flash, SRAM, peripherals, on chip.
    Sortable table Company Name Name CPU Bits Status Max MHz Flash KB RAM KB Price @1K USD Active Power Sleep Power External Mem UARTs SPI I2C CAN Ethernet USB ADCs DACs Features
    Energy Micro EFM32TG110 ARM Cortex M3 32 Production 32 32 4 $2.47 157 μA/MHz @ 32 MHz 1μA 2 2 1 0 0 1 1 2x 16-bit timers. 12-bit 1 Msps ADC. 12-bit 500 ksps DAC.
    Zilog eZ80 Fast Z80 8/16 Production 50 256 16 $7.79 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 Linear addressing up to 16 MB. 3-4x faster than traditional Z80.

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