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Microcontroller reverse engineer
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PCB Duplication Service
  • What Mikatech PCB duplication can do
  • We can handle single sided PCB duplication, double sided PCB duplication, multilayer PCB duplication up to 32 layers PCB Clone.

    No limitation on nodes, holes and pads, holes refers to Blind & Buried via PCB down to 0.1mm.

    No limitation on PCB Board size.

    No limitation on components type for PCB duplication (through hole, surface mount, or mixed).

    SMT pitch down to 0.2mm or less depending on circuit board layout after PCB duplication service.

  • What to Duplicate
  • Scan in PCB outer layers

    Digitize Outer Layers into Gerber data

    Generate accurate test points

    Extract netlist from bare PCB

    Edit netlist data using customer supplied parts list

    Input netlist into cad software

    Autorout inner layers, maintaining original layout of outer layers

    Generate new Gerber Files Duplicated

    Generate schematics & PCB fabrication drawings Duplicated

    Generate complete Gerber Files & nc drill

    Send Gerber Files & drawings to PCB Duplication facility

    Duplicate PCBs using customer-supplied parts list

    Duplicated and assembled PCBs are now ready for intended applications

  • What will be delivered
  • Mikatech will send you through email that contains all the information and files you need to take your PCB into production from Chip Works PCB duplication service:

    PCB Schematic diagrams and PCB drawing files. (Optional)

    Bill of materials (BOM) list all components as well as individual description.

    PCB Gerber files and drilling/outline files for PCB prototype or mass production.

    Optional: A fully functional prototype PCB assembled with all components as-specified for testing and evaluation.

PCB Copying Service
PCB Projects Overview
PCB Clone
PCB Reverse Engineering
PCB Prototype
PCB Assembly Production
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More MCU brands we can reverse engineer below, please contact us if yours not listed here:
AMD Feeling LG / Hyundai Myson STK
ChipON Hynix Mitsubishi National Semi Temic
Coreriver ICSI Mosel Vitelic Portek Toshiba
Dallas ISSI MXIC SSSC Gal / Pal / Palce
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